#SheReviews Hearts Beat Loud

September 5, 2018

It is easy to see why an all star cast signed on to make the feel good comedy/drama ‘Hearts Beat Loud’. This quirky indie film has a lot of heart and soul and my family and I thoroughly loved it.There is a proviso- it helps if you love music, because this little gem is filled with lots of wonderful music. It is part coming of age film, with a twist, for in this movie it is also the parent who is growing up and changing.‘Hearts Beat Loud ‘ will leave you tapping your toes and with a smile on your face long after you leave the theatre.

The Story

Frank Fisher is played by Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation). He has been running his record store – Red Hook for seventeen years. A one – time musician, Frank’s life changed when his wife died in an accident and left him to raise their only daughter, Sam. Sam is played by the talented Kiersey Clemons ( Bad Neighbours 2). It appears Frank has done a great job of parenting , as Sam is studying to become a doctor and is about to leave the nest to study medicine at UCLA.

Frank is not only losing his daughter, his record shop is losing money. He has to tell his landlord and friend – Australia’s own Toni Colette ( Muriel’s Wedding) that he is going to have to close the shop at the end of summer. Apart from hanging out at the bar with his buddy Dave, played by the ultimate bartender – Ted Danson (Cheers)  and keeping an eye on his elderly mother, superbly played by Blythe Danner, Frank doesn’t seem to have much to look forward to.

Frank and Sam have always relaxed by having jam sessions and one night he distracts her from her studies to jam. Sam pulls out some lyrics she’s been working on and they record a song. Frank gets excited as it is really good but Sam quells his enthusiasm by saying, “ We’re not a band! “. Frank impulsively uploads the song to Spotify under the name- ‘We’re Not A Band.’

To everyone’s surprise the song makes it on to the Spotify ‘New Indie Mix’ playlist. The scene where Frank first hears the song in a coffee shop is priceless. Frank’s excitement grows imagining touring with his daughter and recording more songs , if only he can convince her.

But Sam has other plans and is distracted by her complicated relationship with new girlfriend Rose ( Sasha Lane). Frank’s dreams seem set to fail but as Summer draws to a close Frank and Sam must make some choices and find a way to transition into their new lives.

Full of original songs composed by Keegan Dewitt this movie is an offset to the anxiety of our times. It will remind you of the simple goodness in the world and in ordinary lives. ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ is about love, acceptance, relationships and the power of creation. It has some of the best actors around in it, playing their roles with subtlety and finesse and the music and beautiful voice of Kiersey Clemons is a highlight. For a joyous and uplifting experience head to your local movie theatre and catch this gorgeous little film. ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ will be in cinemas on September 6.

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