#SheReviews – King of Thieves

March 1, 2019

Director James Marsh has assembled a stellar cast in new drama- King of Thieves. Led by the always debonair Michael Caine this movie also features Michael Gambon, Charlie Cox, Kelli Shirley and Jim Broadbent.This cast of British acting royalty have obviously had lots of fun re-enacting the incredible true story of the spectacular Hatton Garden Diamond Heist, the biggest and most daring in British history.

Many of us remember this amazing story from April 2015 where a crew of ‘artful codgers’ planned and executed one of the most audacious bank robberies in history.They netted a cool 14 million pounds but what was more surprising was the age of  the perpetrators. When captured the robbers were found to be all in their 60’s and 70’s.

This movie tells the story behind the bank heist. Michael Caine plays leader and mastermind Brian Reader and he shows suitable gravitas as the widow torn between honouring his wife’s dying wish that he go straight or perform the robbery of a lifetime. He’s ably supported by technophobe Tom Courtenay, the skint Paul Whitehouse, Ray Winstone provides the grunt and  Michael Gambon is excellent in his role as the doddery fence. The most surprising bit of casting is Jim Broadbent ( Bridget Jone’s lovely Dad) who becomes a menacing figure and a bit of a bully and psychopath as the film goes on. He seems to relish his role as a “baddie”.

The film examines the events leading up to the heist- all the planning, plotting and preparations which thrill the band of characters. It is reminiscent of an “ Oceans 11” style movie in the beginning , before things take a darker turn in the latter half of the movie. After the robbery the bullying, infighting and greed lead to a darkness and upheaval between all characters and this jolly jaunt turns into very serious crime territory.

The actors all look like they’re having a great time with their respective roles and although this is not your fast paced action packed shoot ‘me up movie, it slowly tells this story with the help of some of the best in the business. King of Thieves is playing in cinemas now.

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