The Art Of Slimming

March 17, 2017

This Easter, Dr Helena Popovic, encourages us to enjoy chocolate without the guilt. This doesn’t mean free rein to scoff down elegant bunnies, humpty dumptys and crème eggs every minute of the holidays. Dr Helena wants us to buy the very best chocolate we can find and really enjoy it- smell it, savour it, let the rich chocolate melt in your mouth and be satisfied with just a small amount. In her latest book, ‘Neuroslimming’ Dr Popovic tells us it’s not what you eat, it’s why and how you eat. Dr Helena drew a crowd at Dymocks, Brisbane to savour the delights of one of Brisbane’s favourite chocolatiers , Mayfield Chocolates, and show us how to feed our spirit, not starve our bodies.

The Seven Principles

Dr Helena has found the seven principles to long lasting good health. So are you ready to achieve vibrant health, lasting vitality and a body you are truly happy with? Here are Dr Helena’s seven principles.

1.Engage in living, not dieting. This means don’t deny yourself of all the things you love.

As soon as someone says you can’t have something that’s when you’ll want it and you’ll end up wanting too much. Savour a little bit of what you love.

2.Focus on why you’re eating, not what. Before you eat something ask yourself- Am I sad? Angry? Bored? Lonely?

3.Just eat, nothing else. Don’t watch telly, scroll through Facebook or read a book. Savour the food you are eating. (The French are experts here).

4.Enjoy what you eat. Eat what will give you pleasure. By engaging all your senses you taste something more and will be satisfied sooner.

5.Eat until you’re satisfied, not until you’re full. Learn when to stop and really listen to the signals coming from your body. Only eat until you are 80 percent full.

6.Learn to play hide and seek with the food industry. Sugar is inflammatory and hidden in more foods than you would think from sauces to baked beans and everything in between.

Read the labels and get to know the hidden names for sugar. We know chocolate is a treat but it’s the hidden sugars in everyday foods we need to look out for. Eat mostly whole foods.

7.Gratitude is the best attitude. Gratitude journals can have a physical effect on your well being. By thanking your body and remembering the great things in your life you’ll feel better and more energetic. And with an overall appreciation of your life comes a gradual appreciation of your body.

Dr Helena encourages us to think about food in a more joyous way, as one of the great pleasures in life. So this Easter eat a little bit of chocolate, run around with the family, eat meals together, read the labels before putting groceries in your trolley and be grateful for the good things in your life. ‘ Neuroslimmimg’ is available in Dymocks and other good bookstores and also in e-book format. Mayfield chocolates have been a feature on Wickham Terrace since 1993. I can recommend the Country Caramel. So what are you waiting for? Why not try living, not dieting.

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