The Missed Memories Of Paris Fashion Week

July 20, 2018

I was very lucky to be in London at the same time as Paris Fashion Week so I could attend for at least one day. Yet I was sad to have missed some of the other shows I’d been invited to so here’s a round up of the designers who also invited SheSociety along. I think you’ll agree that it’s wonderful to see designers from many different countries being showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

  1. Patuna is an American Georgian Haute Couture Designer who had a showing on the 2nd July. This glamorous designer chose pink, black, red, ivory and white to create stunning and extremely feminine gowns contoured to flow with a woman’s shape In lace, chiffon, tulle and mesh. Swarovski crystals and semi – precious stones were used to accent the flowing dresses. Some had beautiful trains. Models had curls atop their heads and make up masks of gold and silver which made for a dramatic and elegant show.

2. BaroQco – A jewellery presentation on real models showcased these designs from the Netherlands created by Imelda and Eduardo whose styles were based on the Baroque era. They use a palette of different colours to create their signature pieces which are classic, rigid and strong for the Autumn/Winter season.


3. Abe by Ariane Chaumeil-  Is bespoke jewellery created by using blowtorch glass and metal paste where further sculpting, firing, brushing, rubbing and polishing creates the burnished golds, silvers and coppers of this distinctive range. Ariane draws on Greek antiquity for inspiration.

Abe by Ariane Chaumeil

4. Azulant Akora – Is perhaps the show I was most disappointed to miss as Azulant Akora is an African Australian designer best known for working in merino wool. Her designs are proudly 100 percent Australian- grown, designed and made in Perth, Western Australia. Her latest collection is called- AVATAR and was inspired by the movie.This collection featured the vibrancy of sparkling white pieces, royal blue, royal purple and a gorgeous emerald green. There were hints of metallic silver and gold. Her amazing gown in emerald green was a standout for me. Her designs are sharp and sexy, yet many are princess-like with gorgeous full skirts in luxurious fabrics. I loved the colourful dress featuring pink, orange and green embroidered flowers with a sparkling mesh top. It was so fresh and pretty.Truly beautiful designs from this proud Australian.

5. Rani Zakheim – Presented his Haute Couture Show on the 5th July. Rani is a Lebanese designer who designs with women in mind. His silhouettes are glamorous and celebrate a woman’s body. He had many elegant designs in gold and white, lots of red, green, classic black and white and even a nod to camouflage which I had not seen at any other show. Some of the pieces were purely breathtaking and sparkled like chandeliers as the model’s moved. I would have loved to see them in the flesh. Perhaps, another time!

Rani Zakheim

6. Armine Ohanyan- Elements featured hot pink, vibrant blues , florals, yellow and mint, shorts, full skirts and pants were a feature along with the gossamer sheer gowns. Armine’s Couture collection was created in France, entirely handmade and intimately inspired by nature, showing the natural elements in all their forms. Armine uses new technologies such as 3D printing or materials crafting , which play an important role in her creative process. Her designs are individual works of art. These creations are modern and beautiful.

Armine Ohanyan

So many glamorous designs from unique designers whose inspiration comes all over the world. You can see why I was happy/ sad. Very happy to be a part of the theatre of Haute Couture and sad I couldn’t see them all. Haute Couture designs are works of art and these designers use their individual talents to create the most beautiful pieces which influence all our fashion for seasons to come.

Next week I’ll be profiling some of these influential designers whose inspiring stories show that it’s not only the French who are experts in Haute Couture. Until then, au revoir from Paris!

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