What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You?

May 18, 2020


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of lipstick. I wear it every day. Yes, even in lockdown and even when I’m just going for a morning walk around the neighbourhood. I love it! Bright pinks and reds are my favourites , closely followed by berry and orange shades. I have tried to do a nude lip but it just makes me look a bit anaemic with my fair skin, so I stick to my favourite brights. Lucky you, if a nude lip suits you!

I usually wear Dior Rouge lipstick. Dior’s 999 is the ultimate red that seems to suit everyone. It’s long-lasting and has a great depth of colour. People often ask me what lipstick I wear as it stays on for so long. The Dior can last around 16 hours on some women. For me it’s about 10 hours of colour.

The funny thing that I have noticed is that every woman I know has a different shape to her lipstick. One of my friends has us howling with laughter every time we go out. Her lipstick has a really sharp point. She looks like she could stab you with it. Another has a flat top. Mine tends to mirror the shape and follows the same slant as when the lipstick is brand new. I know I am a bit boring! Several other friends have lipstick that is concave.

We wondered why we were all so different and whether our lipstick shapes had a hidden meaning. I decided to investigate further. So here are some common lipstick shapes and what they mean. You’ll never look at your friend’s lipstick the same way again. 

  1. CONCAVE – First to my friend with the concave lipstick. If you have a concave shape you are adventurous and curious and you love making new friends. You are also extremely motivated and determined.
  2. ROUND – A round tip means you are laid back and easy going , but you are also very feminine and generous. You love taking care of your friends.
  3. POINTY – My friend with the sharp angled curve also fits her description. If your lipstick is this shape you are creative and outgoing, you rarely stop chatting. You are the life of the party and love being the centre of attention. You are a natural born flirt and you also enjoy a unique vacation. 
  4. FLAT- Women who flatten the top of their lipstick are witty and charming, but can also be stubborn in their views. You also have high morals and love a challenge.
  5. SHARP ANGLES ON BOTH SIDES – This means you’re curious , yet, a bit mysterious to those around you. You have a big ego, but you are a faithful and loving friend to have.
  6. SLANTED LIKE NEW- Finally, to my favoured shape. This one is most like the original shape. This shape is owned by the friend everyone loves. The person with this shape supports others without complaining. They tend to live by the rules and have a reserved nature. This description actually sums me up to a tee. 

There are other variations to these core shapes, but when you are lucky enough to next meet up with your friends take a peek in their handbag. You will notice so many differences in their preferred lipsticks and lipstick shapes.We are all so different in so many ways and it seems that even something as ritualistic as how we apply our lipstick can give an insight into our individual personalities. Now it’s time for us all to pucker up, put on a bit of bright lippie and head outside.

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