Flicks4Change Film Festival

March 15, 2018

Flicks4Change Film Festival will host an afternoon of socially conscious films, in association with Short+Sweet Film on Saturday 17th March at The Tom Mann Theatre.

Attendees will be encouraged to vote on their favourite films, interact with the nonprofit partners and their exhibit, and speak up in the town hall style panel discussion that will include celebrity activists, philanthropic leaders, and the filmmakers.

Of the festivals unique mission, Festival Director James Hawthorn said, Our goal is to connect difference makers with those that want to make a difference. Films and art have the special ability to rise above the fray and affect people personally about some really important issues. By putting a motivated audience in the same room as the organizations that are tackling these issues head-on, buoyed by the support of celebrity. At the end of the films the audience has a shared experience, a shared understanding and if done right, a change can occur. Flicks4Change believes this is the perfect time for a truly transformative dialogue to start.” 

The films topics will include: Disability and inclusion, mental health, Aboriginal affairs, LGBT issues, animal rights, suicide prevention, human trafficking and environmental issues.

Tickets can be purchased here