Red Carpet Recognition Night 2018

October 24, 2018

The Red Carpet Recognition Night – Celebrating Multicultural Australia. Which will be held on the 10th of November 2018 at the Brisbane Parliament House. In this year’s celebration, we would like to show our gratitude towards all individuals who have supported our events in the previous years. It will be a spectacular night of cultural performance, fashion show, food and drinks.

Initiated in 2015, Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show has attracted more than 400 attendees and 200 models from 30 different countries. Red Carpet Functions aspires to celebrate the diversity of Brisbane’s communities and emphasises on the appreciation of its diverse cultures. Our organisation recognises that fashion is a common denominator among all cultures, therefore our Fashion Show highlights the traditional attires of the country of origin of our participants. This show aims to eliminate the cultural barriers among diverse groups and inspires our community to further appreciate each other’s differences.

Another important aspect of our fashion show is the focus on inclusivity, believing that everyone deserve to walk on a runway. In the conception of this Fashion Show, I invite all artists, performers and models to participate regardless of their physical attributes or mental disabilities. This show is the result of my experiences and the barriers I have seen across my career. By providing a show available to everyone, I aim to challenge the stereotypes of beauty and fashion by celebrating the differences of all men and women of Brisbane.

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