The Merry Widow- Opera QLD

March 28, 2018

Two of the country’s most popular and charismatic performers, David Hobson and Natalie Christie Peluso, return to OperaQ’s main stage this season as perfectly paired lovers Hanna and Count Danilo, in a lush and spectacular new production of Franz Lehár’s ever-popular The Merry Widow.

Celebrated Australian director and choreographer Graeme Murphy sets Lehár’s classic operetta amid the Art Deco glamour, silky ballroom gowns, and intrigue of the salons and cabarets of Paris, with romantic trysts taking place in a Monet Garden!

With money as its motivating force,The Merry Widow is a slick comedy of manners and mismatched marriages. Centred around the enduring yet prickly romance between Hanna and her playboy ex-lover Danilo, it waltzes along with couples falling in and out of love, and – after many misunderstandings – a final happy ending. And it’s all set to unforgettable melodies and dazzling dance numbers!

A runaway hit of its era, this refreshing new production of The Merry Widow will seduce you, just as the characters on stage seduce each other, with effortless charm and grace, by transporting you to a glamorous world of waltz, high fashion and glittering parties.

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“…the audience lept to its feet, stamping, whisterlng and hollering in appreciation.” – The Sunday Telegraph

Who: Opera Queensland

What: The Merry Widow

When: Friday 22 June to Saturday 30 June 2018

Ticket details: From $59* to $179*

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