Victoria – Halloween Horror at Kryal Castle

October 23, 2023

Kryal Castle’s spine-tingling Halloween celebrations have returned this year scarier than ever before! Selling out last year, Kryal Castle’s Trick or Treat daytime program will have Halloween scares sorted for the whole family with its kid-friendly activities running on Saturday 28th, and Sunday 29th of October. For older fright-seekers, Kryal Castle’s Halloween Night after-dark program has nine epic scare mazes straight out of every guest’s worst nightmare running on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of October.

The perfect Halloween activity for families, Dr. Frankenstein’s Spooky Scavenger Hunt at Trick or Treat will see the castle transformed into a trail of quirky surprises and challenges. By solving ghoulish riddles and challenges, kids can earn themselves a tasty trick-or-treat bag. Visitors can also meet some spooky new friends along the way with characters such as Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula walking the castle grounds.

To further immerse families in the spirit of Halloween, guests are encouraged to dress up and visit the face painting for a ghastly new look to show off at the Halloween costume parade. With sword-fighting at Halloween Knight School, axe-throwing at Zombie Survival, and even Pumpkin Archery on offer, Kryal Castle will have youngsters prepared for any creatures that may lurk on Halloween night. To get a touch of Halloween magic, kids can join the Wizard Guild to meet the mysterious wizard and even learn some spells. With Halloween-themed food and drink on offer as well as Kryal Castle’s iconic medieval Trial By Combat and Jousting also on display, it will be the perfect way for families to enjoy the spooky season!

For older fright-seekers, Halloween Horror Night at Kryal Castle is a 14+ aged event that will send hearts pounding, bones chilling, and spines tingling. Bringing back last year’s favourites, The Hive maze will be every arachnophobe’s worst fear come alive with more insects and spiders than ever before to make guests’ skin crawl. The Chamber of Abomination will also be returning and doubling in size to terrify scare-seekers as they descend into the depths of the torture chamber. A harrowing new addition, Paramnesia is sure to petrify even the bravest souls who enter the castle towers with gruesome clowns, ghosts, scarecrows, haunted dolls, and evil spirits lurking at every twist and turn. Pushing the boundaries of the senses, in the Sensory Deprivation room guests will be blindfolded upon entering the maze, where hearing and touch will be their only way of navigating the jump scares and ghoulish shrieks they will encounter.

If those mazes fail to leave visitors trembling in fear, claustrophobia will rule in Escape where guests will have to crawl through tight spaces with gruesome characters waiting at every turn. In a Mad Max-style horror scape, the Post Apocalyptic Wasteland will be littered with cannibals and dystopian atrocities. Race through The Maze of a Thousand Doors as a homicidal maniac is in pursuit and be sure to check out the Chapel’s interactive horror projection experience. In a gruesome blood display in the Haunted Grandstand, visitors should be sure not to ‘lose their head’ as macabre dementors drop from the ceiling. Other ghastly entertainment will include a motorcycle joust, a sword fight to the death, archery, and axe-throwing. Plenty of horror-inspired food and drink will also be on offer to calm visitors’ nerves and a DJ will be pumping tunes to dance the Halloween night away to.

With freaky fun for all ages, Trick or Treat and Halloween Horror Night at Kryal Castle is a not-to-be-missed experience to get the Halloween spook on in a real-life medieval castle!

Tickets for both events are on sale now and are available to purchase at