Breakfast In Bed

February 22, 2018

Let’s Face It… Eating Breakfast In Bed Is Lonely And Awkward

Breakfast in bed…….It conjures up images of Mr Wonderful gently waking his sleeping partner snuggled down among copious pillows and whiter than white sheets dreaming of far away places.

Or the kids causing a racket as they try to sneak into Mum and Dad’s bedroom on Mother’s Day morning with scrambled eggs and weak coffee balanced precariously on a tray only to shatter Mum’s only chance of a sleep-in for three months at least.

Is it any wonder the recipients of such breakfast in bed joy and love may not be as happy as the givers hope they are?

The fact is, not everyone is wowed by getting breakfast in bed, preferring to eat the offered bacon and eggs and orange juice etc in the comfort of the kitchen, sunroom or next to the pool (assuming the weather is OK).

Not only that. They prefer company. Some Mr Wonderfuls would be likely to hang around for a while in anticipation of the possibility of things to come, but not the kids.

After singing happy songs and sharing kisses they would soon want to go outside or back to their Ipads, or heavens above, start fighting.    

Some people eat in bed only if they are too sick to get up and go to the table, while others do it on a regular basis and have even introduced a TV in their bedroom so as not to eat alone.

There are also those who don’t even allow food on the upper floors of their homes.

A recent Zagat survey (an international restaurant reviewer) showed that only 4 percent of mums actually want breakfast in bed.

Which is probably tied to the fact they are the ones who have to clean up afterwards.

While full breakfast in bed is frowned upon by most people there are a growing number  (men and women) who start their day with a cup of coffee in bed, prepared and delivered by someone else.

For many it is a case of them not being able to function (even take the day’s first step) without their morning shot of caffeine.

Let’s face it, there can be a lot more negatives to a full breakfast in bed than positives.

To begin with, it is uncomfortable trying to balance plates and cups etc while propped up, back to the bed head or wall with their your legs stretched out in front.

Then there are the inevitable crumbs.

Cleaning, crumbs in bed are one of the worst things that can happen to you, followed by the stains.

If chocolate, or greasy foods with tomato and other sauces are on the menu, don’t be surprised if you find stains on your sheets which will need changing and washing more often.

As for advantages, those adherents of breakfast in bed claim it is comfortable pointing out that the majority of us spend a big part of our day sat behind a desk in addition to sitting on their way to work, either in the car, train or bus.

Then there are those who believe eating in bed (not just in the morning) is sensual.

Bringing the right food in the bedroom could actually be very romantic. It is a very intimate thing to do and it could bring couples closer together. Ask Mr Wonderful.

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