How To Drink Properly – Tips For Our Teens

January 13, 2017

Further to the report last week by the ABC on the drinking culture with young teens, SheBrisbane came across an Instagram account targeting 18 year olds as they become legal, diving face first into the world of the Australian drinking culture.

The Instagram account is called How To Drink Properly and is a series of black and white drawings or 30 sec videos that talk through certain scenarios of what you shouldn’t be doing when drinking and how you don’t want to end up on a night out on the town.

One image is as per below.  A hipster like beard with the words vomit stylised into the beard.  The comment reads: Matching wine to food is a skill, not a challenge. Impress your potential lover, but not with how many chunks of vomit you can catch in your beard. Date classy.

Another image shows half a presentable person and half of a drunk person that reads.  While you unfortunately can’t decide the outcome of the State of Origin decider, you can decide whether you see it through to the end or just become a slurring mess yelling at the TV.  Choose wisely, friends.unnamed

Having a look through the account it’s a clever way to target young teens entering the drinking world and trying to talk to them in a language and creative way that would capture their attention.

Will it work?  Who knows, they currently have 2209 followers on the Instagram account.  Maybe one to share with your 16 – 18 year old? Have someone else draw the diagrams and tell them how wet t-shirt comps at the local pub on Australia Day and having photos turn up of vomit in their hair aren’t the best ways to enter their young impressionable years while studying and trying to get into a profession.

Instagram Account: @drinkproperly

Visit the website!

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