Global Day Of Parents

June 1, 2017

Parents worldwide are in the spotlight this week as we celebrate Global Day Of Parents today which will be followed by a top level parenting conference in Melbourne next week.

Dr Kristy Goodwin, one of Australia’s leading authorities on the impact of technology on young children’s health, learning and development, will be a leading speaker at a landmark parenting conference in Melbourne next week.

The Parent Engagement conference from June 6-8, jointly hosted by The Smith Family and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, will explore the best ways for parents to support their children’s learning. The conference comes just five days after Global Day of Parents (June1).

Dr Goodwin, who will deliver the dinner address, is an Honorary Associate at Macquarie University at the Institute of Early Childhood. She has worked as a primary school and early childhood teacher for 13 years in a range of educational settings in Australia.

She’s passionate about sharing the latest research and insights into how “digitalised childhoods” are changing the ways that young children learn, play and develop (without telling parents or educators that they need to ban the iPad, or disconnect the Internet).

In 2004 Dr Goodwin was awarded a NSW Quality Teaching Award and in 2007 was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship for her doctoral studies at Macquarie University, exploring the impact of digital technologies on young children’s learning.

The conference’s keynote speaker will be Prof Bill Lucas of the University of Winchester in the UK.

The title of his talk will be “Rethinking the role of parents and families in the education of their children in a volatile, uncertain and changing world”.

Dr Lucas is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CRL) at the University of Winchester, and is internationally regarded for his expertise and research in rethinking the purposes of schooling and vocational training.

Most recently, Bill’s research into the assessment of creativity in schools has led to the development of an acclaimed five-dimensional model and field trials of it in schools in England which was published by OECD as an influential Working Paper.

This work is now being used as the basis of an international scaling up prototype in eight countries including China, USA, England and Finland.

The conference will be opened by Federal Education and Training  Minister Simon Birmingham.

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