What I learned from my children

February 23, 2016

I think it's dealing with routine that's the trickiest part

Breathe. That’s the advice former Brisbane girl, renowned television personality and performer, Shelley Craft wants to share with women everywhere!

Shelley will be in Brisbane from 4 – 6 March performing with her band, Animals Rock at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show.

Shelley says stopping to breathe is the greatest lesson she has learned from her children.

“It’s something I don’t do very often,” she says, “but the more you try to rush them or squeeze 100 activities into a day, that’s when you come unstuck.”

Shelley’s two little girls are just past the baby and toddler stage but she has fond memories of this time.

“So many memories! Most beautiful and Funniest Home Video worthy too,” Shelley says. “I think the most extraordinary moments of that time are ‘seeing the lights come on’.

“Everyday babies and toddlers are learning something new and when you witness them get it for the first time, it lights up their world and yours.”

Starting Kindy

So did Shelley cry when her daughter Milla started ‘K’ this year? “Nah… Ok…A little!” she confesses. “Milla was so excited and really ready. The first week was great, now the reality has set in, it’s a little tougher in week five and six.

“I think it’s dealing with routine that’s the trickiest part. Not as much fun and freedom as daycare that’s for sure.”

Performing in a children’s band

Shelley will always be connected with baby and toddlers thanks to her band Animals Rock which opens kids’ eyes and ears up to the big wide world of animals in a wonderful way.

“I would love to claim it as my idea,” Shelley says, “truth is Beau Young the creator performed at my girls’ daycare as a one-man band and they fell in love with the catchy tunes.

“Long story short, I tracked Beau down and as it turns out he had been surfing with my husband for months. We collaborated on how we could make it bigger, brighter and reach a wider audience,” she says.

“Coming from a children’s entertainment background and looking for a new project that utilised that knowledge, the timing couldn’t have been better.”

It’s also a perfect fit given Shelley began her career in song and dance—entertaining audiences with live shows—then came her TV work which aside from all the adult programming, included Saturday Disney.

Is the band going back to her roots? “Absolutely!” Shelley agrees. “Dancing with giant furry animals is where it all started at Movieworld and Disney. Such fun wonderful times and now I’m doing it all over again and having a ball.”

Can a woman have it all?

With a successful career and a beautiful family, it begs the questions can a woman have it all?

“Of course! But we wouldn’t be women if we didn’t a) want everything and b) give it a damn good crack,” she says. “Being sane is totally overrated anyway!

“I’m so happy where I am. I am blessed to have had an amazing working career that I never really planned. I have a gorgeous family that I never dreamed of and I live in paradise. I’m completely content and happy to tick along as is… for now!”

Meet Shelley Craft, Beau Young and her band Animals Rock at the Essential Baby and Toddler Show, 4 – 6 March at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Register for your free ticket before 5 p.m. on 3 March. Get your free ticket – here

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