It’s More Than Just Colouring In

January 3, 2017

Time with my grandsons over the Christmas break was relaxing, but more importantly, precious.

As a grandmother of two boys I treat every moment with them as a gift. Needless to say there are challenging moments as they develop their own personalities. Their minds are like webs and I get caught in them for better or for worse.

My older grandson turns 13 in less than two weeks. Now  taller than me, he  is in the discovery stage and likes to challenge my comments. I take this as a good thing.

My 10-year-old grandson, albeit much smaller in stature, has a  strong  mind and provides constant mental challenges to all, mostly positive.img_4339

Both boys have the best hearts, are affectionate and demonstrate that I am important to them. I delight in the joy when they readily exhibit their improved  table tennis skills and I witness a slow decrease in my wins.  I gave up on winning UNO years ago. For those who don’t know, it is a card game and suggest you Google it. Fabulous basic game to take anywhere to entertain the grandkids .

During my seven days with the boys over the Christmas break I discovered there was one common denominator that contributed to a more relaxed environment for each of us individually and as a team . It was to colour in. Who would have thought that as an adult you can find peace and be at one with the world with such a simple craft.

My artist sister introduced me to this about a year ago and at the time I thought: “Oh no, how can I fit in another art/craft project into my already full life”. I now have three different brands of coloured pencils and two books at home.

I didn’t expect to be colouring in during my time with my grandsons in Melbourne and to my surprise they delighted in the fact that I am almost addicted to the art.

img_4336The only thing I didn’t have was my own book and Jacob, my eldest grandson, said: “Nanny Babe, why don’t you make your own book?” My response was: “Well, you are a talented artist, why don’t you draw some pictures for my own book”. And that is how it all started.  

I have personalised colouring books created by Jacob and I was able to assist the youngest Lachlan with his new Christmas present,  a Colouring In Calendar. How about that? My 22-year-old niece also came to visit and guess what?  She joined in the fun with her new Christmas present.

The benefits were mutual, we were at peace with each other, had quiet ad-hoc conversations and my daughter was given a short reprieve from her motherly duties. A simple craft with powerful outcomes.

Ruth Greening on Blogger
Ruth Greening
On the birth of her two grandsons, Ruth Greening experienced an awakening in her life and entering Gen GP (Generation Grandparent) she was given the moniker Nanny Babe as her 'grandmother' title. She found things had changed since her child rearing days, and an adjustment to new parenting concepts was required. Hence the birth of the Nanny Babe blog from a baby boomers perspective.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Philosophy, completing this degree while working as a hairdresser and supporting her two children as a single mother. Ruth has worked in the corporate world for approximately thirty years and has recently retired to address her artistic passions.
She is experienced in senior management positions, marketing, modelling, commercials, film, community radio and writing.

Nanny Babe is active with her hobbies—fitness, writing, blogging, jewellery, crafts, singing, dancing, memoirs, mentoring and now faces diversity and self-discovery on her recent ‘retirement’ path. Connect with Nanny Babe on her blog - hit the link above!

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