Let’s Count At Work

September 21, 2017

With one in six children in Australia starting school behind, it’s important for parents to have a role in the development of their child’s early maths skills. Just in time for National Literacy and Numeracy Week (4-10 September), the Lets Count at work program is helpful in supporting parents in recognising the importance of not just reading to their child but using everyday games and activities to develop their early maths skills.

Let’s Count at work is a program for parents which is delivered through their workplace. An experienced educator from The Smith Family runs a one-hour workshop with practical tips and resources parents can use to help their child develop numeracy skills during those critical early years.

As well as giving parents the confidence and skills to support their child’s learning, Let’s Count at work is a fun and unique way for an organisation to engage their employees.

Let’s Count at work is a growing social enterprise delivered by The Smith Family – making the workshops an easy way for businesses to support the charity. The workshops are paid for by the business with the funds channelled back into The Smith Family’s education programs for children in disadvantaged communities across Australia. The Smith Family are also working on options for stay at home mums and parents who work from home as well.

The workshop is based on the principles and activities used in the Let’s Count program, which was developed in particular to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds and has been shown through a three-year evaluation to increase the maths skills and enjoyment of preschool-aged children, their parents and carers.

There are numerous ways that parents can help their children develop their numeracy skills in everyday life scenarios, for example by cooking together, measuring ingredients or even at the park, by identifying shapes and examining heights and lengths.

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