Life After Children

December 9, 2016

This post comes after a pretty hectic past couple of weeks and at a time where I feel there has been a lot of heaviness floating around in the air.

I don’t know if it’s because of the ‘Super Moon’ that graced us recently, if there has been some kind of cosmic shift, or if it’s just because we’re nearing Christmas and everyone is going just a.little.bit.crazy…

Whatever the case, I have noticed a lot of big transitions happening for many people and in particular, a lot of people either separating or making major life decisions regarding work, relationships or both.

Jade and I admittedly went through a bit of a sticky patch last week in our relationship as well, where everything was just feeling very overwhelming and we were even considering whether or not it was all really worth it.

I’m happy to report that everything is all back to normal again now and we got through that one (of many I’m sure) bumps along the road, but it was still a challenging time that I think can either make or break a relationship.

We’ve both been under a lot of pressure with the kids, we haven’t had much quality time to spend together (or on our own), there’s stress regarding my return to work, childcare, Christmas, blah blah blah….

I think it’s a familiar scenario that many couples face, especially those with young children, and it’s easy to feel as if you are drowning in the every day, mundane type of activities that fill your every waking hour.

Many of us are also guilty of hiding our struggles from others and now with the presence of social media, it’s hard not to feel a little isolated or dysfunctional sometimes, with distorted depictions of supposed reality creating even more pressure to appear as if everything is “perfect”.

It’s therefore really important during these times to reach out to family and friends for support where you can, as often as you can, as it can be reassuring to hear from those who have lived it (or are currently living it) that this too shall pass and there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

Did you struggle in your relationship after having children? What did you do to help get through the challenging times?

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