Lisa Curry Shares Some Cheeky Ideas For Mums This Mother’s Day

May 7, 2020


Because of isolation rules, resulting from COVID-19, Mother’s Day this year might feel a little different. Being isolated will likely bring its own challenges, but that doesn’t mean the day devoted to mums, can’t be as special as it always is. 

The first swimmer to represent Australia at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games as a mother, Lisa Curry is encouraging all mums to communicate with their family to let them know what they would truly like for themselves this Mother’s Day. 

“Receiving gifts is always nice but if it’s something we already has or don’t need; the gesture may not come across thoughtful. Depending on the age of your children, you may like to spend Mother’s Day in different ways,” said Lisa. 

“With small children, the best Mother’s Day I ever had was breakfast in bed with a handmade card – that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I never wanted the kids to go out and buy gifts, the best gift is being thoughtful and loving. Even now when my children are adults, without isolation, we would probably just catch up over a nice meal, and I still like a handmade card, rather than a store bought one. 

“As a mother and now a grandmother, I know we love nothing more than to spend time with our children and to cherish the memories we make with them. But mums who have had a household full of kids during isolation, I would imagine a great way to spend Mother’s Day would be to have time for themselves and some peace and quiet! As much as we all love our children, having time to relax, recover, and recharge is so important for any mother.”

Lisa recommends giving Mum something fun like a personal voucher such as offering to fold the washing for the next week, or to wash the car and take out the rubbish. For Mums, this can be a cheeky suggestion to get family members to help with the daily grind of chores – and you never know, they might get to like it! 

“I know my mum enjoys drinking coffee and getting out, and I know her favourite coffee shop, so I’ll buy her a voucher to go there as I know she’ll like it,” said Lisa. 

“Some mums might feel guilty taking time to themselves, but if there’s one day every year that mums should put themselves first, it’s Mother’s Day – self-care has never been more important than at a time like this when we’re confined to our homes.” 

As an elite athlete, dedication, perseverance and wellness are paramount in Lisa’s life, as a woman, a mother and in her professional life.

Today, Lisa’s dedication and perseverance are brought to life through Happy Healthy You – a resource to support and educate Australian women seeking a natural alternative to treat and manage various health and hormonal issues.  

To encourage mums to focus on their wellness, Lisa and the mums of Healthy Happy You share their ideas on how mothers can look after themselves and the kids this Mother’s Day. 

Reading a book or start a new craft

More often than not, we find ourselves facing screens, be it for work, to keep the children entertained or more likely during these times to have face time with friends or loved ones. 

If you’re wanting to give your eyes a break from technology, why not start a new craft or read a book. While we’re stuck at home, books can provide stimulus and drive creativity, whether it’s a fantasy novel or a book that teaches you a new skill. Lisa started crocheting years ago after getting tired of being on the phone and now loves it so much she has made many “nana rugs” for her kids and friends. Lisa’s top book picks include: ‘Touching the Void’ and ‘Way of The Peaceful Warrior’.

Gardening – starting a veggie garden 

There’s never been a better time to start working on that kid-friendly vegetable garden and just in time for winter where roast vegetables and soups will likely be on the menu. Kids will love digging up the ground and watching their efforts blossom into delicious healthy food. Try planting tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums and using them in some of our Happy Healthy You recipes

Cook a meal together 

Nothing says Mother’s Day like breakfast in bed and we all know how important a nutritious start to the day is. Holistic Health Practitioner at Happy Healthy You, Rachel will be spending her morning cooking up a storm with her girls. The menu will include avocado, mushroom, greens and goat’s cheese. 

Whether you’re wanting to join your family in the kitchen or hoping to get spoiled in bed, Happy Healthy You’s antioxidant-rich shitake mushroom scrambled eggs is a filling and delicious breakfast option!


Mother’s Day should be about relaxation and doing activities that make you feel invigorated. Once you’ve spent the day with the kids, set some time aside for yourself in the evening. Take some time out for medication or a slower paced yoga session (like yin). 

Women’s Health Specialist at Happy Healthy You, Kim will be indulging in something personally invigorating by cooking and enjoying her favourite meal. For Kim, her savoury tooth means delicious fish burrito with a side of Rainbow Salad is on the menu.  

Remember, Mums love nothing more than time – time with her family but also the time to rejuvenate and take care of herself. If you’d like to go the extra mile for the number one woman in your life, why not clean the house, do the laundry or prepare her favourite meal. 

Happy Healthy You provides access to some great, easy to make, healthy nutritionist, naturopath and chef designed recipes on its website, which are sure to tantalise every mother’s tastebuds.