Spotted Cow To Grow Clever Cookies

August 29, 2018

In 2004, Tahnee Walters set out to create a brand that was not only an extension of her mad love of baking but one that could also connect with people and leave them feeling warm and fuzzy, and thus, Spotted Cow Cookies was conceived.

Spotted Cow Cookies are a well-known and much loved local Sydney brand. It was born out of passion and run with love but unfortunately, in 2017 it suffered a great loss when Tahnee passed away suddenly at the age of 45 from brain cancer.

Tahnee’s family knew that the brand needed to live on, and so have been on the hunt for the perfect person to take over the ownership of the company. It has taken time, but time is what was needed to find the perfect person for the job.

Kerrie Anderson, a guru in the ragtrade and industry leader since the late 80’s is the true definition of an entrepreneur. Throughout her career, she has worked locally and internationally for various fashion houses, she has owned companies at home and globally and has a list of accolades under her belt.

When the opportunity to review the purchase proposal for Spotted Cow Cookies presented itself to Kerrie, she immediately knew that this was a company she needed to be a part of.

Kerrie says, “immediately I recognised that my skill set could be applied to this business, even coming from a fashion background. Really we eat with our eyes first so cookies can also be fashionable!”

Call it fate or what you will, but after many hurdles, it came to be that Kerrie acquired Spotted Cow Cookies in May of 2018, making her the new owner of the company.

The essence of the company will remain the same, Kerrie does have plans to refresh the brand a little, adding her years of business experience to the mix. She also has a very new and exciting initiative that she will be launching, this coming October.

When Tahnee passed away, she didn’t only leave behind her business, she also left behind her husband and 4 year old son, Luca. When Kerrie took over the business, she was so saddened by Luca not only losing his mother to brain cancer, but she knew that the rest of his life was about to change. From his current living situation and schooling to his future and possible his education.

With this in mind, Kerrie knew she wanted to make a change. A change to help Luca and other kids like Luca, in the future.

Thus, The Clever Cookie Foundation was born.

Clever Cookie, launching in October 2018, will be a foundation where each year, a child who has lost a parent to brain cancer, will receive an educational scholarship. “Clever Cookie Foundation is founded on giving back to the community, offering assistance to kids who have suffered loss in their formative years and helping path the way for their future”, says Kerrie.

Proceeds from sales of the signature Spotted Cow cookies as well as proceeds from the whole Kid Coco range is how this foundation will be fuelled. Of course, donations will always be welcome but this is how they anticipate being able to build the foundation in order to provide yearly scholarships.

Kerrie explains, “We will be speaking to Dr Tao and Chris Obrien from Lifehouse at RPA to put us in touch with families who have lost a parent to brain cancer, and from there, we will be able to be in touch with those kids in need”. “We want it to be a feel good outcome to help kids through the tough road ahead after losing a parent and help them to focus on their future and education”.

Luca, who is now nearly 6 will be the first beneficiary of The Clever Cookie!

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