The Best Pieces of Advice You Can Give to Your Children

April 17, 2017

We adore our children. As well as we want to defend them, we want them to avoid the same troubles we faced. We have lived longer; it gives us confidence that grown-ups can handle problems better and we are empowered to give “supreme” pieces of advice.

More or fewer adults can even experience some pricks of conscience if they do not do that. As for me, I believe that ups and downs can only reveal the kid`s nature. No advice can really be as helpful as those be learned through the trials and troubles of life.

It is tremendously impossible to exist without encountering failures and hardships. But there is a great number of beings who believe that the failure acts as the key to success. So, do I!

But, anyway, everyone tends to give guidance on how to live, no matter whether it is good or bad. We just enjoy doing it as it provides us a sense of superiority to some extent. What I mean, you may offer some parenting tips, but you are to recommend your children to use their own options. The argument of mine is that all kids are personalities and there hardly ever be a strict recipe how to handle them.

There are useful sources of information in the WWW where you can get thousands of cool and trust-based parenting advice concerning the kids` upbringing.

I can suggest hundreds of pieces of parenting advice, but regarding an article the only one:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever

It is not my personal thought but one of the outstanding Gandhi`s quotes. What lies behind it is that you are to be brave enough to try something new, let life be the reason to live to the full and learn through it as much as you only can. “Live as if it were the last day of your life.” Encourages men to do things by all means because their life is almost over.

“Learn as if you are an eternal creature.” – means that learning is one of the most virtues if one lives for good. Learning is a progress and a progress is a life. Education determines our children`s future. Some get it easily; others seek for paper writing services to help them with dull and complicated assignments searching on the net “write my paper in hours site”. All in all, these are hardships to pass through and overcome.

These notions a quite related. Learning is important, and fantastically some got an opportunity to learn throughout the years of everlasting life. Such word combinations were used to make a vivid contrast between life and death. It lets us pretend that there is no tomorrow and you should concentrate on deeds you always wanted to be done and cope with all urgent things for the lack of time. But try these all it may be your last chance!

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