A week of worry to commence for parents of Schoolies

November 17, 2016

In a few days, thousands of Queensland teenagers will descend on the Gold Coast and other destinations around the state and over the border for the annual Schoolies Week.

And just as many Mums and Dads, whether they admit it or not, will begin a week of worry.  There is the long list of worries including access to drugs, do you purchase them alcohol, do you take them down and settle them into their apartments, do you make them dinners to take and then there are the Toolies. You know as a parent you survived so surely they will.

No matter how much they trust their children to do the right thing while away they will naturally harbour concerns about how the behaviour of others could cause problems.

That’s why the police and many others will be on hand to keep your kids safe at this exciting time.

A variety of support services will be offered during Schoolies Week at key destinations.

There is a highly visible presence of services such as police, security, emergency services, officials and volunteers. They offer general support, medical assistance, advice and information.

Tell your teens not to hesitate to approach police or any of the other agencies if they or their friends have a problem. Remember these people are there to help them, not get them into trouble.

One of the most distinguishable and biggest volunteer groups will be the Red Frogs who have been operating at Schoolies for over 14 years.

Armed with their icebreaking Allen’s Red Frogs 1200 volunteers patrol the streets supporting young people. Their Hotline is 1300 557 123.

While your teens’ friends will be the people closest to them during Schoolies week, the Queensland Government Safer Schoolies Initiative provides a range of free support services to help improve safety for school leavers visiting the Gold Coast from 21-27 November.

Visit www.schoolies.qld.gov.au for more information about how to get their compulsory Schoolies wristband, the Schoolies Hub, safety tips and much more.

In addition, we highly recommend that you save these numbers into your phone.

Gold Coast

Police (000) www.police.qld.gov.au

Red Frogs (07 3343 8888) www.redfrogs.com.au

Drug Arm (07 5532 0717) www.drugarm.com.au

Surfers Paradise Day / Night Pharmacy 07 5592 1321 – Open 7am – 12 Midnight 7 days a week  

Surfers Paradise Day & Night Medical Centre 07 5592 2299 – Open 7am – 11pm 7 days a week

Exceptional Dental (07 5504 7002) Open 9am – 5pm 7 days a week

Byron Bay

Police (000) police.nsw.gov.au

Red Frogs (1300 557 123) redfrogs.com.au

Byron District Hospital (02 6685 6200) northcoastmedicalcentre.com.au

Chemcoast Day and Night Pharmacy 02 6685 6274

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