What Would You Do If You Were Prime Minister?

July 3, 2018

Author-illustrator of the viral sensation Aussie Legends Alphabet  releases eagerly anticipated second book!

In 2017 Sydney mum and artist, Beck Feiner made headlines all over Australia with the release of her now infamous Aussie Legends Alphabetbook, inspiring kids and adults to learn more about the amazing individuals who have made Australia the country it is today. Australians all over the nation fell in love with Beck’s gorgeous illustrative designs and the cleverness of the Aussie Legends Alphabet.

Now, teaming up with her creative husband, Robin, the duo has released a second book which asks the questions – what would you do if you were Prime Minister? What if grown-ups weren’t in charge? What would kids do if they ran the country?

As the nation waits eagerly the announcement of the next election, possibly as early as August, these questions become extremely relevant. There is not a timelier publication out there to get kids thinking about the change they’d like to see in their communities, and challenge them to think outside the box about how to initiate that change. This is a fantastic book for adults to introduce kids to the ideas of democracy and politics in a year that is destined to be a whirlwind of polls, voting and sausage sizzles!

About the book:

The Prime Minister’s job is to make our country as good as it can be. But every Prime Minister Australia has ever
had has been a grown-up!

What if the grown-ups weren’t in charge? What would kids do if they ran the country?

We could have submarines to scoop garbage out of the sea … or teach koalas how to do karate … and hang giant
rainbows in the sky to make everyone happy.

What would YOU do if you were Prime Minster?

Ages 4+

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