The Good Food & Wine Show

November 10, 2016

The Good Food & Wine Show at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre beckoned us again this year. It’s  always such a fun day with friends discovering new ideas, products, tips and hints to inspire your next foodie adventure. The program was packed with heaps of culinary stars in action. There were cooking and cocktail master classes as well as the opportunity to sample from scores of exhibitors (yes we let ourselves go wild!).

good-food-wine-1We had the chance to participate in the Blind Tasting and surprised ourselves how well we knew our wine… (well of course we do!). Another of our favourites was the Good Food Theatre watching the celebrities cook while sharing all their hot tips. They also had organised personal lunches with Miguel, Matt or Gary, but we opted instead for a 1-on-1 interview with our favourite chef, The Crazy Bull, Miguel Maestre. Jennifer has met Miguel on a few occasions, so we were excited to actually get up close and personal with him after his book signing. Here are a few insights:

1.What started your career and made you so passionate about food?

Miguel explained his family was very close and shared a love for food and cooking. He also mentioned that his father was a successful farmer. Miguel wanted to be a chef overseas, but his mum thought a chef was a poor choice. So, against his parent’s wishes he became a highly successful and very well known celebrity chef & entrepreneur. Now even his father and other family work for him.miguel-on-stage-1

2.Are you missing your gringo today? Of course this is Dr Chris Brown from The Living Room…

Miguel said “Oh yes”, and he was and would definitely be catching up with him “soon”.

3.What is your favourite music while cooking?

Miguel said he loved listening to the sounds of The Gypsy Kings, Elvis Presley, Ricky Martin and Julio Iglesias along with anything eclectic and classical. Oh and of course flamenco music is one of his favourites. We could so picture him right now in the kitchen dancing to Ricky….

4.What is your favourite country?

“Of course Scotland”, said Miguel, as that is where he met his gorgeous wife and also Spain where his hometown Murcia is located.

5.How often do you get to BrisVegas?

Miguel said he loved Brissy and came back as often as he could. He always returns for Regional Flavours each year and visits any chance he can get.

Miguel is extremely charismatic and wins you over with his high energy, sexy accent and incredibly good looks. His cooking isn’t bad either… haha! If you haven’t had a chance to see him live at any of the regular festivals or cooking shows, he is a definite must see. Jennifer has a few of his books but unfortunately this doesn’t show in her cooking. Maybe a one on one cooking class would have been a better option? Adios!

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