Cookie Dough You Can Actually Eat

December 13, 2017

It’s happened. There is now a cookie dough on the market you can actually eat without the fear of getting sick.

Meet Cookie Doh Co.

Created by 3 siblings from Melbourne, Cookie Doh Co was born from the love of baking and the temptations of licking the spoon of the cookie mix.

So, what makes Cookie Doh Co safe to eat? There are no eggs used in the product, not even a pasteurised substitute. So it’s safe and guilt free.

Cookie Doh Co have also done all the science stuff for us and has had the product tested in lab conditions, so there’s extra piece of mind that what you’re consuming is safe to eat raw.

Cookie Doh Co is fun to eat on its own or as can be used in your own creation, which can include dough filled cookie sandwiches, chunky milkshake beverages and delicious mid morning slice bars.

SheBrisbane’s verdict? WE LOVE IT! We tried the classic choc chip, the indulgent triple chocolate and the delicious apple and cinnamon, and every one of us in the office fell in love with a flavour.

Tempting? Check out Cookie Doh Co. where you can fulfil all your cookie dough eating needs for $8.99 a tub.

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