Food Mix Tenereffic!

March 14, 2017

Last night was date night for one of the SheBrisbane girls who decided to take “the man” to Tenerrife Social House, an Asian Fusion restaurant on Vernon Terrace (Tenerrife, of course).

And it was great with just the right mix of delicious dishes and smiles creating the perfect atmosphere for some serious heart-to-heart music.

We knew we were onto a winner the minute we entered to be met by huge smiles from outstanding staff and a really refreshing vibe that you can only get from an outdoor setting like this one.

With a vino in one hand and the chef’s personal recommendations in the other we were quickly into the swing of things with a string of tantalising dishes that were so good they threatened to interfere with the heart stuff.

Teneriffe Social House has been created around wine, beer, some seriously tasty food and sharing. The variety of food is absolutely captivating. Depending on how you want to dine you can choose from a range of tasty small dishes or large serves which can be either a main course or a grazing plate for two people.

The staff went above and beyond to make you feel part of the family and at the end, leave  feeling nothing but totally  satisfied. Whether you are drinking, dining or grazing this is the ideal place to relax and indulge in great food, great drinks and a great vibe!

Owner Stef has very generously offered SheBrisbane’s readers 10% off to come in and dine. This discount can also be used for daily specials, even the $10 Seafood Sunday Social. Email – offer ends 30/06. Happy wining & dining!


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