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April 7, 2020


Memo COVID-19: you can close our cafes, but you cannot cancel our Easter. Yes, this year you can have your buns delivered to your door – and eat them, too.

Brisbane Delivery 

Jocelyn’s Provisions – Fortitude Valley

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experience anything from James Street favourite Jocelyn’s Provisions, then you won’t be surprised to find their hot cross buns are exceptional. Lightly spiced and pleasantly fruity, one bite of these buns will have you coming back for more. Lucky they only have a $20 minimum for delivery with a $5 fee—check their Instagram for a list of delivery areas. 

Crust & Co. – Wilston

Crust & Co. never do anything unless it’s done perfectly. So, of course they produce some of the tastiest and best looking hot cross buns in Brisbane—pillowy, with a well-rounded fruit-to-spice ratio that is dangerously good. So good you’ll likely eat a whole dozen by yourself. Plus if you’re located within 3kms of the bakery, you can get them home delivered, with a $20 minimum and $3 fee. 

Nodo Donuts – Newstead, Camp Hill & Southbank

Nodo has two options for all the gluten intolerant hot cross bun lovers out there—either a six-pack of their blueberry filled gluten-free hot cross buns, or even better, get a few of their hot cross bun-inspired baked donuts, complete with chocolate icing. And if you’re within 5km of any of their stores, you can get them delivered. 


Sydney Delivery

Baked By Keiran

Keiran McKay’s hot cross buns are gloriously light – you can easily slam down a few without even realising you’ve finished half the pack – while also being a sneaky delivery system for a good amount of fruit: there’s a nutritionist-approved amount of dates, cranberries and citrus peel baked into these well-fermented buns ($2 each, $10 for six). His pastries are available through Dully Locals, a delivery service run by Chrissy Flanagan, from The Sausage Factory nearby. It supports Dulwich Hill businesses such as Kombu Kombucha and Drunken Sailor Canning Co by making their goods available to homes in the inner west.


The bakers at Berkelo turn to spelt and stoneground flour to make their hot cross buns. The finished dough, studded with chai-soaked raisins, dried currants, pears and five-spice, has a satisfying rustic consistency, and the top glistens with a honey-ginger glaze. $16 for half-dozen, $3.50 each ($4.50 with Pepe Saya butter). Available from UberEats.


While waiting for a citrus peel delivery to turn up, one of Brickfields’ bakers dropped dried apricot into the hot cross buns as a substitute. It worked so well that the team has kept the apricot addition, even after citrus peel stocks were refreshed. The citrus and apricot mix adds to the incredibly fruit-dense joys of eating a Brickfields hot cross bun, which also balloons with cranberries, currants and sultanas. It tastes like Christmas cake at Easter. The pastry is a milk bun fermented with croissant offcuts, so there’s a faint buttery tang, too. $19 for six from Brickfields’ online shop,

Flour and Stone

Flour and Stone is sticking to its original recipe – and that’s a good move, as its hot cross buns are among the best I’ve tried this year. The orange blossom glaze sweetly collects your fingerprints, while the dough contains a jackpot of fruit and spice: confit orange peel, currants, sultanas and a well-measured hit of cloves, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. If you can’t get to the counter of Flour and Stone’s new Annexe extension, the hot cross buns ($4.50 each) are available for delivery via the online store.

Madame & Yves

Yves Scherrer offers a traditional hot cross bun, but you’ll want to try his chocolate-rich alternative, which is brushed with a coffee glaze ($3.80 each or $21 for six). The pastry chef counts eclairs as his speciality (he’s created more than 140 kinds throughout his career), so he also offers a supersized hot cross bun extravaganza called an “Eclairzilla”, $32. The sponge is soaked in shots from his espresso machine, spiced and layered with a burnt butter cream and a fruity topping of cranberries, raisins, apricots and candied oranges. Available from Madame & Yves at, and


Melbourne Delivery

Abhi’s- South Fremantle

South Freo gem Abhi’s wins the all-rounder award for their big, beautiful buns. A good balance of crust, fluff, sweetness and spice you can enjoy their hot cross buns toasty and buttery in store teamed with a coffee. Don’t fret gluten-free friends, they’ll make spelt flour buns on request. Good luck trying to resist dipping it in your creamy flat white, yes we went there.

Coronavirus update: Abhi’s is now delivering to Fremantle and the surrounding suburbs and they have also partnered with 96 Degrees in North Beach and Twig & Sparrow in Willeton which will act as pick up points for people on the northern and eastern suburbs respectively. Get all the details here.

La Belle Patisserie – Belmont

La Belle Patisserie is baking some of the best croissants in Perth all year round, but come Easter time, you absolutely can’t go past the hot cross buns. The classic ones are phenomenal, though the choccie ones are pretty darn good too. 

Coronavirus update: La Belle is offering delivery and it’s totally free for those of you in the Belmont/Cloverdale area. They’ll also deliver within a 5km radius for a $5 fee.

Chez Jean Claude – Subiaco & West Leederville

Chez Jean Claude in Subiaco and West Leederville is back at the hot cross bun game and thank goodness for that. Filled with raisins, currants and a good dose of cinnamon, these little buns of deliciousness are the perfect vessel for a good slathering of butter. Plus, if you buy five you get one for free. 

Coronavirus update: You can shop Chez Jean Claude’s entire range online and have it delivered, or you can pop in and pick up a pack or two. 

Mary Street Bakery

Serving up some monster sized hot cross buns, it’s really no surprise that we can’t get enough of Mary Street Bakery’s fresh, fluffy buns. They don’t hold back when it comes to the spices either, packing these babies with cinnamon, nutmeg and oodles of dried fruit. If you’re up for something different, try their new choc-orange hot cross buns that are sure to make your mouth water. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these sweet pillows of goodness this year.

Coronavirus update: All of the MSB locations are still open for takeaway but if you don’t want to leave the house you can get their hot cross buns on UberEats..

Dunn and Walton – Doubleview


Calling all vegans. Thanks to Dunn and Walton, we don’t have to feel too bad when we indulge in our guilty Easter pleasures because they’ve got certified organic vegan hot cross buns. They’ve used premium bakers flour, fruit, spices, coconut sugar and sunflower oil to make these beauties. 

Coronavirus update: Dunn & Walton is still open for takeaway and they are also offering a delivery service if you need to stock up on a few essentials.

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