7 Tips To Help Us Get Through Winter

May 29, 2018

Doctor and skincare expert shares her tips on overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder and Lacklustre Skin over the cooler months.

Dr. Irene Prantalos states:

“For many of us the coldness of Winter can bring many changes to our body; dry, lacklustre skin, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), joint pains, flare ups of skin conditions and so many more.

Besides moving to the Bahamas, there are 5 things you can do to take control of the weather and stay healthy and happy over the colder months.”

  1. Eat Turkey: Tryptophan (which turkey has loads of) is required for the manufacture of a neurotransmitter called serotonin in the brain. It is the serotonin that makes you feel good. In fact, anti-depressants stops the uptake of serotonin in the brain which is why it helps deal with depression and anxiety. But nature has provided us with our own anti-depressants.
  1. Drink 2-3 litres of filtered warm water per day: Colder weather means less desire to drink water. If you find it tough to keep up your water intake, then add some lemon in your water for added flavour. I would encourage you to drink warm water as this is better received by the body as the stomach loves warmth not cold.
  1. Eat Loads of Anti-oxidants: Create a natural glow with eating nutrient rich foods. Your body can’t help it but make your skin glow when you eat healthy clean food. The old saying, You Are What You Eat’ carries so much truth to it that we need to nurture our mind and body through the food choices we make. 
  1. Avoid inflammatory foods: A quick way to make your skin look dry, red and irritated is through eating sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and greasy fatty food. On occasion is fine, but I mean occasionally as these foods generate inflammation in the body which would exacerbate any auto-immune disease and skin condition. In winter it is much more challenging to manage your health so great dietary choices can minimise the chance of a flare up which you just don’t need. 
  1. Serums are your Saving Grace: This beauty product needs to be part of your daily routine and here’s why:
  • Increases Hydration
  • Brightens the Skin
  • Strengthens Skin Cells
  • Tones and Firms Skin
  • Delivers the benefits of the active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin
  • Regulate excess sebum production to keep skin healthy and flawless
  • Contains 80% active ingredients

6.  I would also add continuing to be physically active as this will keep your body healthy and fit.

7. Slow and Steady. If there are many changes you think you will need to make, then just do them one at a time. Your life isn’t a race so take it within your own pace and keep moving forward. Any set backs are part of the journey so take in the lesson to be learnt and get moving forward again.

About Dr Irene Prantalos:
Irene Prantalos knows what it is like to overcome a debilitating illness, and turn her life around. She was diagnosed with psoriasis when she was just 11 years old and battled her way through adolescence and into early adulthood, suffering from the skin disease… until she found a way to live free from psoriasis with the help of her mother. She is now a Chinese Medicine doctor, healthy skin educator and pioneer.

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