Blast Fat With 4 Simple Exercises 

May 25, 2018

Cardiovascular workouts are an essential part of your training routine, it will stimulate fat burning and weight loss.
It will also help to build stronger heart and lungs, increase bone density, reduce stress and the risk of heart disease.
I include in most of my clients fitness programs 20 mins to 1 hour of cardiovascular workouts at least 3 times a week depending of their levels and needs of fitness.
These cardio exercises that I show in todays video are apart of my workouts for some of my clients to help them to burn fat, they are easy to perform for somebody with no medical problems and with an intermediate fitness level. I ask my beginner clients to hold the exercises for 30 seconds each and intermediate levels should hold them for a minute each, most exercises ask to repeat the full set 3 to 4 times a session and perform them 3 times a week.

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