Brisbane Studio Offering Courses For Aspiring Yoga Instructors

April 30, 2019

With Yoga being Australia’s preferred method of cardio, Brisbane yogis have the opportunity to become fully accredited yoga instructors at My Health Yoga’s New Farm studio.

Owner of My Health Yoga and accredited Senior Level 3 Yoga Instructor, Carrie-Anne Fields said the first step to becoming a teacher is completing a beginners course.

“Anyone wanting to become a yoga teacher needs to do a Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training course.

“At MHY, we offer in-studio or online training courses. Our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training course is a 350 hour course so it provides thorough and quality training to become a more traditional yoga teacher with skills in posture, breath-work, meditation and philosophy,” Fields said.

As one of Australia’s leading and largest yoga teacher training academies, My Health Yoga also offers Level 2, Yin Yoga, Yoga Massage and online courses, with opportunities for practicing yoga teachers to conduct their own workshops.

For aspiring yoga instructors, Fields said there are both challenges and rewards to embarking on the journey to becoming an accredited teacher.

“The main challenge is to commit to the personal development which will accompany this kind of training. You can’t be a great yoga teacher unless you are willing to transform your own life!

“However, there are many benefits associated with the personal peace and skills you obtain to living a successful, abundant and peaceful life. Not to mention, having the blessing to facilitate others to go on a self-development journey,” Fields said.

Fields also has important advice for those considering the accreditation courses.

“Be authentic, don’t follow the crowd or the trends. Teach from your heart and remember true yoga is not a fitness workout – it is a scientific pathway to achieve peace,” Fields said.

The Brisbane studio began as as an extension to Fields existing ‘My Health’ business, with the primary aim to offer specialty teacher training courses.

“My Health Yoga was a natural extension of my original business ‘My Health’ as I began a yoga studio and teacher training which quickly became the main offering in my business. Whilst I continued to offer counselling services, the yoga really took off!” Fields said.

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