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May 22, 2016

You can find a little snippet of good news in almost every ‘real world’ moment

In light of actress, Noni Hazelhurst’s recent plea for the media to focus on good news stories that inspire others, I’d like to promote the positive role we can all play by recognising and sharing the good news in our own daily lives.

With the rise of mental illness almost certainly linked to the oversaturation of electronic media, Noni’s plea to her colleagues whilst being inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame, couldn’t have been timelier. She made a passionate ‘pitch’ for more programming designed to provide hope and inspiration. You can listen to her speech – here.

What better time for us to rally behind her and reflect on the moments that bring us joy and inspiration each day – and there are many!

Find your moments of joy

Can’t think of any? They could be as simple as:

  • Your cat smooching you at breakfast time;
  • Your child doing well on an assignment;
  • The cup of tea your hubby left you on the kitchen bench; or,
  • The amazing sunrise you saw because you were up at the crack of dawn with a sick child!

You can find a little snippet of good news in almost every ‘real world’ moment.

So un-plug and take the time to create a daily ritual now that allows you (and better still, your children) to sit down and reflect on the things that made you feel good during the day.

Start a gratitude diary

Start a gratitude diary or talk to your children each night about what they did that inspired joy. Just watch their faces light up as they reminisce about the things that made them smile. Ask them for their “good news stories”. And share yours! Create your own “good news” channel!
There really is good news in every day.

And there’s no time like NOW to teach our children the value and power of good news and gratitude.

Unlike many electronic realms, the real world is full of smiles, play, laughter and sunshine!

Positive thinking, reflection and gratitude all play a pivotal part in the state of our mental health. Just think how you FEEL when you are doing something that inspires happiness. You’ll feel the same joy when you reflect on those times.

Don’t forget good memories – use them as tools and bring them to the forefront of your mind when you are struggling in a down time.

The roll on effect

The more we learn to focus our energies on the positive and share those stories, the more we all benefit as a society.

Noni said “I’ve always tried to find stories that resonated on a human, empathetic level … to encourage people to feel and reflect.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Help be the change that inspires others (most importantly, your family) to see and share the good news in their days.

With any luck our children will be the positive news presenters of our future.

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