Embracing Organic Food In Australia – A Healthy Lifestyle Change

September 5, 2018

We humans have done almost everything to exploit our natural ecosystem, with the constant use of chemical and other genetically modified substances we have brought things to the level where it has not started affecting our health.

Ever wonder why our grandparents lived a healthier life and why we are struggling with many health problems in our early 30’s? Today most of the generation is suffering from various diseases from the young age, the number of cancer deaths has increased and the life expectancy has reduced as well. Reason? The constant consumption of toxic substances in the form of food on daily basis.

Stronger demands of chemical-free food products have made it possible to buy organics in Australia, United States, Europe and other parts of the world, it’s easy to order organic food through online stores or supermarkets.

Reasons for a growing market of organic food:

  • Rising abuse of chemicals on the food we are consuming on the daily basis, the food that we think is healthy for us is making us sick.
  • Children are more likely to be harmed by the chemicals used on the food items, careful parents are trying to serve only organic food on the table.
  • The presence of growth hormones and other genetically modified components in the animal products is making us more vulnerable towards many diseases; especially the pregnant mothers and children have much higher % of negative effects on the health.
  • Most of the food is losing their taste as a side effect of chemicals.

Health benefits of embracing organic food in your daily life:

Let’s talk about the scientific evidence that has proven the benefits of embracing organic food in your daily life.

Organic Food is higher on the nutritional level

People argue about the better taste of organic products but there is a scientific theory that has identified the statement true. Organic food is prepared with the help of all natural process; there is no involvement of a chemical in any phase of the food production which makes it absorb all the natural minerals from the soil.

Additionally, organic food is given its natural time to grow and develop its natural tastes, while non-organic products were given hormones to grow fast but they don’t get enough time to develop authentic taste.

No Traces of pesticides and toxins that are ruining human health

These pesticides are playing a big role in making you sick, an average person is consuming 16 pounds of these toxic chemicals every year. What exactly are these chemicals? These chemicals are used to stop pests and other insects from damaging the crop and these toxins eventually go to our body. Effects of pesticides on the body:

  • Cancer: from decades there is a huge debate on the evidence of cancer caused by pesticides but is has been proven them certain chemicals can activate the cancerous cells in the body that can be really unfavorable for your health.
  • Organ failure: Practically you are not aware of the quantity and quality of pesticides used in the food item you are consuming; these toxic chemicals have been linked to organ failure many times.
  • Hormonal changes: pesticides affect your endocrine system badly; this endocrine complication leads to lower testosterone levels, hormonal imbalance and negative effects on the male reproductive system.
  • Respiratory disorders: regular use of pesticides has to lead to increased risks of respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis and other lung diseases.   
  • Birth defects: pesticides are especially unhealthy for the health of pregnant mother and baby, your baby’s body is not efficient enough to fight those harmful chemicals.
  • Skin problems


GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, producers are genetically modifying the food we are eating for their increased profits, they are genetically modifying products that grow fast with greater production volume. Embracing organic is the best and safest way to protect your family from the harmful effects of GMO.

Avoid antibiotic resistance:

Antibiotic resistance is something that you should be seriously concerned about, Antibiotics were created to fight bacteria’s that are life-threatening, but now the food producers are using antibiotics on animal products to protect animals from catching diseases. Let me explain to you the process of how exactly we develop antibiotic resistance:

  • Most of the animal’s products we consume are kept in unhygienic places and where these animals (goat, beef, pigs, chicken. etc) are more prone to catch bacterial diseases.
  • To protect the animals from catching diseases, producers give them antibiotics in advance.
  • Those antibiotics keep the animal healthy but when you eat those meet products those antibiotics goes in your body.
  • Constant consumption of antibiotics leads to the development of antibiotic resistance.
  • Now your body is resistant to particular antibiotics and those medicines they will be ineffective on your body.
  • Antibiotic resistance is a very serious issue which is causing millions of death every year.

Lesser trips to the doctor

Think organic food is too costly? I agree that organic food is always costly because of the required efforts and low production but consuming organic will have many positive effects in the longer run.

Production and consumption of organic food creates a cleaner ecosystem

Constant usage of harsh chemicals and pesticides has forced the ecosystem to get into a vulnerable situation, what we do today will reflect the future of our children. Reducing use of chemicals has all-around effects on the ecosystem; it leads to better soil quality, water quality and health conditions for many living organisms.

Best ways to get organic food from?

Local farmers market: local farmers market is the great place to buy organic food, but stay cautious many people may try to sell you inorganic food at the rate of organic food; you should visit only trusted vendors.

Online shopping: Some of the websites have proven to be very efficient in providing authentic organic food; these websites can be used to order different organic food items. Most of the websites are working under the guidelines of government and they maintain a high quality of products.

Start planting in your backyard: If nothing works for you and buying organic is still out of your budget then best practice is to start planting it in your backyard.

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