Getting Your Body Back Post Baby

February 12, 2018

Looking to get back into training after having a baby? Here is a transformation story to inspire you from Wilda Fox.

Finding out I was pregnant was one of the most emotional occasions of my life, excitement and fear of the unknown all rolled together. From what I now understand, every pregnancy is different, just as our bodies are- sure we have the underlining make up, but how our body responds and deals with situations can differ greatly from one person to the next.

I knew I was going to gain weight while I was pregnant, I think that’s a given and one every woman should accept. What I couldn’t prepare for was the different emotions, the nausea, the lack of motivation to do anything on some days and the burst of energy on others, a complete roller coaster.

Pre-pregnancy I was quite active and would train almost daily in the gym, but I was gradually getting sick of it and wasn’t happy with the results I was getting from it. I had definitely hit a plateau in the gym and needed a refresher on my exercise regime.  So, during my pregnancy I started exercising from home with my husband, Matt who had also quit his gym membership and opted to train with only body weight exercises. These types of workouts gave us flexibility to workout anywhere! In our living room, down at the local park or even at the beach. We both loved the freedom it gave us and the results even more so. I put on roughly 16kgs throughout my pregnancy but the body weight training made me stronger and fitter, even though I was bigger than I was used to, I could tell the training was working.

Fast-forward 9 months later with a healthy baby boy and I continued my training with the help of Matt who would design the program for me, in my living room during my son’s naps. I would start off lightly doing only 15-20 mins and gradually build up to doing 40-45 minute sessions (A far cry from slaving away in the gym for 90 minutes!)  Whenever we could we went down to the local park or beach and did our exercise together in the fresh air surrounded by nature- I knew I was never going to need a gym membership again.

Six months’ post-partum and I was down approximately 26kgs!! All from working out in my living room and at the local park/beach without a single piece of exercise equipment. I had dropped the weight I put on during pregnancy plus and extra 10kg I had prior to becoming pregnant. I wasn’t using any crash/fad diets, in fact I was eating more than I ever had before, from all food groups!

From the back of my own success with my fitness journey as well as Matt’s body transformation that came from his body weight training, we launched a business which is an online personal training business that coaches people worldwide using the same body weight training methods, getting them out of the gym, giving them freedom to workout wherever and whenever it suits them with amazing and life changing results. I do this to inspire and show others that you don’t need to train for hours a day in the gym, you don’t need fancy machines to help you lose fat or tone and build muscle. The body has everything we need to transform our fitness with it alone, you just need to know how to do it! It took Matt and I years (15 and 8 respectively) to take the leap of faith and ditch the gym, going against the grain of what’s imprinted in our brains about gym being the only way to exercise!

It’s made my relationship stronger with Matt as we work out together now and have our son watching on, setting a good example for him and encouraging him to get outdoors. If you’re in need of changing up your stale exercise routine, intimidated by gyms or just want to get started, I can’t recommend body weight training highly enough!

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