Road-Testing Hydrodol, The Magic Hangover Cure

January 31, 2017

Remember the days when you used to be able to go out three nights a week and still function like a normal human being? Those days are long gone for me, and now I look forward to parties and drinking events with mixed feelings.

On one hand I love having a cheeky bottle of wine with the girls, but these days hangovers transform me into a bad breathed zombie who stumbles around in sunglasses on the hunt for deep-fried food.

Preemptive hangover cure

A couple of weeks ago I was preemptively shopping for Berocca in my local Priceline.

“Are you hungover?” asked the 19-year- old sales girl sympathetically.

I decided to forgive her for her assumption since I wasn’t wearing makeup and hadn’t brushed my hair, and explained to her that I was planning on a big night.

“Oh my god, I have something better than Berocca,” said my new friend, and led me down to where Hydrodol was nestled inconspicuously near the travel sickness tablets.

 Two words: Game Changer

While you’re drinking, take four of these all-natural bad boys, which are packed with minerals and vitamins that keep you hydrated and minimise the hangover effect.

Ingredients include vitamins B1, B2 and some kind of amazeballs Chinese herb, and it’s a blend I’ve come to love almost as much as the Colonel’s recipe of secret herbs and spices.

I was skeptical at first because they’re expensive, but I figured it was worth $14 for a shot at gaining an extra day of my life. $14 gets you eight caps, or you can upgrade to sixteen for about $19.

Road testing the wonder caps

On that first night out with Hydrodol I dutifully swallowed one cap as soon as I started drinking, then downed two more after a couple of glasses.

The packet doesn’t specify how administer the dosage, but I found that taking two together didn’t sit that well in my belly, so space those suckers out.

I proceeded to have an unexpectedly huge night. I have vague recollections of dancing at Retro in the Valley and then getting refused entry at Cloudland; a sure sign that I had a fantastic night.

The next day, I felt okay. Not good, and definitely not great, but I was able to go about my day without McDonalds and I didn’t crawl back into bed at 2pm wailing that life is too hard, which is the norm.

I was still a little dusty and groggy, but I didn’t have that horrible headache or lethargic feeling that demands you stay on the couch all day.

Cheers, ladies

I am a Hydrodol devotee these days, and I’ve decided that life is too short to drink without it. The makers of this miraculous medicine are very clear on the fact that they do not condone irresponsible drinking – Hydrodol is designed for light to medium drinkers, but I say bottoms up girls.

Sometimes I only take two, and sometimes I forget to take them all and have to pop one as soon as I wake up – it just depends on what kind of night I’ve had.

My boyfriend reckons it’s a placebo thing, but if that’s the case, I am happy to pay for this delusion!


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