Youth Just A Blood Drop Away

November 19, 2018

Image: Mashable AU

Are you under 25? Well if you are- America wants your blood!

As a society and particularly as women, it is no question that we are obsessed with youth. From our skin treatments to our hair appointments we are always finding the best ways to keep ourselves looking and feeling youthful. A medical clinic in America is taking things to the next level by opening a New York clinic which offers the rare service we all so desperately want; youth.  

Ambrosia Medical Centre has conducted trials which take the blood plasma from people under the age of 25, and give it to older people via a blood transfusion. This supposedly allows the recipient to regain a bit of their long lost vitality.

How does this work you ask? Well, blood plasma is a yellowish fluid that carries cells and nutrients through the circulatory system and younger people tend to produce more of these proteins. By adding more of these proteins to older people their blood flow will be reinvigorated.

Test subjects who took part in the trial, were willing to pay $8000 (US) to take a chance at eternal youth. The startup has tried the process on 150 people, and is yet to release the results. However they are full steam ahead with setting up their clinic in New York, and have plans to make the procedure available for everyone.

With the test results still yet to be released, there is a lot of (justified) uncertainty around the whole thing.

Although the concept seems outlandishly weird and futuristic to myself personally, apparently there is a waiting list already for those eager youth seekers to undertake the procedure. Each to their own!

It does raise an interesting discussion around our mentality of ageing. How far are we willing to go to extend our youth and defy the natural process of ageing?

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