Beach Day Bag Essentials

December 15, 2019

Summer has arrived! Rising temperatures and the scorching sun are hard to escape this season. Escaping to one of the many beautiful beaches is one way we all try to beat the Aussie heat. But sometimes in our rush to hit the water we can forget one or two essential items.

Here are 13 beach day essentials you can’t leave home without.

Beach bag

Ok so this is an obvious one but you will definitely need a big bag to carry all your beach essentials. If you need some Christmas inspiration investing in a decent sized beach bag that can hold your entire families stuff is the right way to go.

Beach bags with inside pockets are also great for hiding your valuables while you cool off in the water.


Another obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to bring sunscreen to the beach.

With so many brands available it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. With some brands working better than others be mindful which option you go for. Your chosen sunscreen should be at least SPF 30+, broad spectrum, and water resistant.

Here are some tips on applying sunscreen properly from Choice, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group:

  • Put the sunscreen on clean and dry skin 15 to 30 minutes before you go in the sun to allow it time to interact with your skin.
  • Cover all parts of your body that is not protected by clothing – don’t forget your ears, the back of your neck, tops of your feet and backs of your hands.
  • Apply it evenly and don’t rub it in excessively – most sunscreens absorb into the skin and don’t need to be rubbed in vigorously.
  • Re apply every one or two hours and after swimming.


An important but often forgotten beach essential is sunglasses. It’s important to protect your eyes from the Australian summer sun. However, the beach isn’t the best place for expensive designer sunnies. Grab a cheap pair so that your everyday sunnies don’t get scratched or lost.

A hat

I’m definitely guilty of never wearing a hat to the beach. I just don’t think I have a head that suits hats. Nevertheless, wearing a hat is super important this time of year. Our scalps are a sensitive part of our body and it’s not as easy to cover that area in sunscreen like the rest of our body. And let me tell you, you head absolutely can get burnt! And it hurts. A lot! So make sure to find a cute hat to add to your summer accessories.

A towel

Towels are one of the most important essentials to pack into your beach bag. Spending the day running around in the sand and water means at some point you’re going to want to dry off and brush off all the sand. So don’t forget to pack a soft beach towel into your bag.

A beach blanket

Towels are important for drying you off after the water but it’s not fun trying to tan on an already wet and sandy towel. A beach blanket makes tanning a lot more fun. Some beach blankets are also designed to keep sand off the blanket and you sand free. Laying out a big beach blanket that can fit your whole family keeps your towel dry and clean while you enjoy the summer sun.

Beach umbrella

We all want to get a tan during the summer months, but sometimes the sun is just too intense. A beach umbrella is a great way to escape the summer sun. Beach umbrellas are especially great for those with children. Adults deal with the heat and sun a lot better than kids. As kids have such delicate skin bringing along a beach umbrella is good for protecting them from too much sun exposure.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are a good extra to just throw in your bag. They are great for getting excess sand off your hands, wiping the salt from the water off your face, or cleaning your children’s sticky fingers after a delicious ice-cream. Make sure to have a packet in your bag for any beach issue.

Headphones or a good book

Lying in the sun for extended periods of time can be insanely boring so bring along a set of headphones to listen to some music while you tan. Better yet, bring along a good book and whisk yourself away to another place while your body slowly absorbs the sun’s rays.

A water bottle and snack galore

Make sure to always bring a water bottle to the beach. Being out in the hot Australian sun all day can lead to heat stroke and dehydration if not properly taken care of. Make sure to have lots of water on hand and constantly be drinking it.

Snacks are another thing to bring along to a day at the beach. Frolicking in the waves can make you very hungry. Having some snacks available can avoid any hangry kids.

Some good beach snack ideas include:

  • Single serving yoghurts
  • String cheese
  • Wraps
  • Fresh and/or dried fruit
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Trail mix

A portable cooler

No one enjoys a mouthful of warm water on a hot day. Bringing along a cooler to store your water is great for ensuring you are staying hydrated throughout the day. Having a cooler also means you have more choice on the types of snacks you can bring to the beach.

Beach games

Bringing along beach games like beach cricket, a soccer ball or a footy can make any beach day even better. Beach sports are fun for all ages and can keep kids entertained for hours to give you some time to enjoy the beach yourself.


Thongs are the best footwear to wear to the beach. They easily slip on and off and don’t take up too much space in your bag. Thongs are also great for when trying to leave the beach as they can get wet when you wash your sandy feet. In Australia the sand is extremely hot so it’s best to bring easy to slip on shoes, so you don’t burn your feet.

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