Often Awake at Night? 6 Natural Sleep Hacks from Global Sleep Podcast Guru 

August 29, 2019

Globally renowned Sleep Podcast Guru and founder of ‘Sleep with Me’ Podcast, Drew Ackerman, is no stranger to challenges with sleep. She Society invited Drew to share some natural strategies we can start incorporating in our daily sleep routine.

Sleep (or lack thereof) is an ongoing topic of discussion. With many of us working longer hours and being faced with life’s pressure points—it’s no wonder some may feel like they’re not getting the rest they need. Not to mention other factors like unhealthy habits and biological factors are also at play. 

Trying to get up to speed with our strategies when it comes to sleeplessness relief can be daunting and navigating what works for us can also prove to be a process. Drew shares his, read on:

Establish a Sleep Plan.

While it’s sometimes easy for people to nod off into a deep and restful sleep, some of us require a little extra planning to get those much needed zzzs. We are generally creatures of habit, and so training your mind into getting ‘bed ready’ may be helpful.  That’s why I recommend figuring out your smart formula for sleep, one element of which could include going to bed every night at the same time.

 Make Gratitude part of your Sleep Ritual. 

Taking the time to chronicle in a daily journal, things you are grateful for, may help when it comes to relaxation and sleep. Another technique for those that need to unload the stresses of the day, is to write down a to-do list so it is off your mind until you wake in the morning. Not only does it help put your mind at ease, but it also acts as a helpful reminder of things to be done when you wake up. 

Soak it up in a Hot Bath or Shower. 

What was once a night-time ritual for children is now encouraged amongst adults to help get to sleep, as taking a hot bath or shower is a relaxing technique, which might help increase sleepiness at bedtime. 

Avoid caffeine rich drinks and foods. 

It may seem obvious to avoid stimulants such as Caffeine, but in practice, we sometimes break the rules to the detriment of our sleep. The most popular foods and drinks that contain this energy rich ingredient are coffee, most teas, chocolate, cola and energy drinks. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it triggers wakefulness, which can disrupt sleeping patterns. Try to avoid consuming caffeine at least four hours before bedtime, or for those who have adverse effects, try to avoid caffeine all together.

Take a supplement to promote sleep. 

For those struggling to sleep—there are herbal alternatives. Flordis ReDormin Forte is a herbal sleep supplement containing extracts of Valerian and Hops which has been shown to help restore sleep patterns over 2 weeks to get your sleep cycle back on track.

Listen to a relaxing podcast. 

While music is a great relaxation-inducing technique before bed—podcasts have become increasingly popular in helping people relax, unwind and keep their mind off stresses that might be keeping them up at night. ‘Sleep with Me’ podcast helps to put listeners to sleep through pointless tangents and monotone storytelling. This style of podcast narrative is effectively putting to sleep with this form of ‘adult’ storytelling. A new Aussie themed podcast may help even the fussiest sleepers drift off. 


Drew Ackerman is a lifelong insomnia-sufferer and one of the world’s most prolific podcasters—who created the globally-renowned bedtime-storytelling podcast ‘Sleep with Me.’ Drew claims to be the most boring sleep time stories aimed at adults, with over 3 million downloads per week. In the podcast, Drew tells rambling, drawn-out bedtime stories with just enough interest to keep you listening but not enough to keep your brain stimulated. The intentionally boring content, combined with his drawling, soporific voice, sends listeners quickly to sleep. 

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional. 

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