5 Silly Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

May 30, 2018

People always say to get creative in the kitchen, and the SheSociety team has compiled a couple of interesting gadgets that everyone doesn’t really need by does at the same time.

1- Watermelon Scoop

Sometimes you just want that perfect bite size piece of watermelon for your lunch, and trying to find a container to hold the awkwardly shaped triangle can prove an issue. Scoop out bite sized pieces of watermelon with this gadget and get the perfect piece every time.

2- Cheese Slicer 

Have you ever tried to cut the perfect slice of cheese, and just ended up hacking the whole block to pieces? Well my friend, worry no more…

3- Sushi for dummies kit

If you have ever tried to make sushi at home, you have probably realised it is harder than it looks. This handy little triangle will half the time of your sushi making ventures.

4- Cat measuring cups

Why have boring, practical measuring cuts when you can have cat measuring cups. I’ll say no more.

5- Pasta measurer

I would love to meet somebody who has actually made the correct amount of pasta they meant to. With this simplistic idea, you can have the appropriate amount of pasta every time.


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