Caring For Your Plants In Winter

May 29, 2018

Georgina Reid, Founder and editor of The Planthunter shares her top tips for caring for plants in Winter.
  • Slow down on the water! Most plants, like most humans, tend to slow down over winter. They don’t’ usually grow as much as they do over the warmer months, and therefore don’t need as much water and fertiliser. Cut your watering by around half – for example, most indoor plants will need watering around once per week in summer. In winter, water your plants every few weeks, or when the potting mix has dried out. The same goes for fertiliser – slow down, or even stop, over winter.
  • Keep an eye on light.  The sun is lower in winter – this can mean a plant getting lots of sun in summer might not get enough in winter. If this happens, just move your plant to a new, brighter, location for winter.
  • Heating horror. Heaters used to keep houses warm in winter can cause problems for indoor plants. They tend to dry the air out, which makes humidity loving indoor plants rather unhappy. Keep a mister on hand and mist plants regularly. If possible, open windows during the day to allow for fresh air movement through your house.
  • Re-pot. Because most plants are sleeping over winter, it’s a good time to repot, root prune and prepare your friends for their growing season when the temperature rises.

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