What Kind of Bed Suits Your Room?

January 23, 2018

Whether you’ve just moved in and are shopping for beds or looking for a bed to put in a new bedroom or guest room, what type of bed to choose can be a difficult decision. It’s hard to know what bed will feel most comfortable ahead of time, especially if the bed is for someone other than yourself, so your best bet is to choose a type of bed that suits the room it’ll be placed in. Here is some expert advice on how to find the bed that best suits any room:

Space Comes First:

The single most important factor when choosing a bed is how much space is available in the room it’ll go in. No matter how comfortable or stylish a bed is, it’s not going to work out if it occupies most of the space in the room. If space is limited, you may want to opt for panel or platform beds, which often take up little space, and you’ll need to stay away from queen or king-sized monstrosities.

Use Folding Beds for Dual-Purpose Rooms:

Many dens or spare rooms are dual-purpose, used for both entertaining and relaxation and as an extra sleeping space for guests. If this is the case, you should look into the wide variety of folding beds available. Folding beds have hinged frames that allow them to fold up vertically to save space during the day, often folding into closets or couches. There are also Murphy beds, which are similar to folding beds but instead fold into the wall behind them.

Add a Touch of Elegance:

If you’re purchasing a bed for a larger master bedroom or a room with grander furnishings, then it’s fine to choose a bed in a more elegant style. Canopy beds can offer a romantic and intimate feel, or you might opt for a classic four poster if canopy beds seem too grandiose. Four poster beds are available in both contemporary and traditional varieties, and many four posters, such as those available from Hudson Furniture, are crafted in beautiful colonial styles.

When in Doubt, Go Minimalist:

While a huge canopy bed might look majestic, it’s going to look out of place in a sparingly furnished bedroom or guest room. Elegant beds can serve as the visual centerpiece of a room, but this only works if the room was designed with the bed in mind. If you’re having trouble choosing a type of bed, keep in mind that minimalist options are always safer. A simple platform bed will rarely look out of place no matter what kind of bedroom it’s placed in.

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