Smart Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

June 5, 2018

Finding your way around the kitchen can sometimes be a nightmare. This is especially true if you have too many utensils, gadgets, useless knife sets, and so many other kitchen items that you’ve gotten for your wedding, or maybe impulse bought on TV. So, if you need to make your cooking easier, if you want to make meal planning and grocery shopping that much easier as well, it’s time you organised your kitchen now. With a little bit of decluttering and cleaning, you’ll have a perfectly organised cooking space.

Use space-saving containers

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Mountains of mismatched food storage containers will cause the biggest chaos in your kitchen, which is why you need to find a good alternative. To maximise your storage space and find all the ingredients you need easily, use square or rectangular see-through containers. They stack well, and you can use them in your pantry, they can go into a microwave, and you can easily wash them in a dishwasher. Also, think about organising your spices with labelled containers.

Put the cupboard doors to good use

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What once was wasted space can now serve as a fully useful area. Namely, the inside of your cupboard doors can be perfect for organising spoons and measuring cups, building a knife rack, storing pot covers on the back, or mounting anything that needs easy access. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough space on your fridge, you can paint the insides of the cupboard doors with blackboard or white board paint and use them as a grocery list board.

Know which foods are stored where

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One of the most important aspects of an organised kitchen is knowing where you should store various foods. Properly stored ingredients will let you waste less food than before, and your grocery shopping won’t have to be so frequent, since your food will last longer. Make sure you print out the charts with that information and put them on your freestanding Whirlpool freezer so you can take a look every time you need to refresh your memory. If you don’t know where to keep your leftovers, or how to store fruit and veggies, eggs and perishable food, take a look at the charts and you won’t be wasting food any longer. 

Maximize pantry space

Image: The Organised Housewife

You know the saying Out of sight, out of mind? Well, when it comes to kitchen storage, this really is true. If you can’t see certain foods, you’ll think you don’t have any, then you’ll go buy some more, only to realise one day you’ve wasted the ones you had, just because you couldn’t find them. Therefore, it’s imperative that your storage is organised in a way that you can easily reach and see everything. To make your storage more functional and organised, think about grouping items in your pantry by meal. A magazine rack can be the perfect can holder. With an over-the-door shoe holder, you can make the perfect storage for seasoning mixes, snacks, and many other supplies.

Store food properly

When you’re storing food, it’s essential that you do it properly. Whether we’re talking about the pantry, fridge, freezer, or shelves, unless you can store everything in the right way, your food will go to waste and you won’t be able to find anything. When it comes to foods that go into the fridge, the ideal spot for dairy would be on the upper shelf, because the temperature is most constant in that part of the refrigerator. Keep the meat on the bottom shelf to avoid contaminating other food with any leaks.

If you enjoy cooking and your kitchen is one of the favourite parts of the house, you’ll need to keep it organised in order to make cooking fun and easy. Therefore, make sure you follow all the previously mentioned tips for getting your kitchen organised.

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