The Lad Collective Launches With A Message To Aussie Men: “get your sheet together!” 

September 2, 2020


Aussie startup The Lad Collective is empowering young men to revolutionise their bedrooms by providing bed sheets which are easy to purchase, simple to use and guaranteed to impress. 

Founded by two Brisbane-based brothers, The Lad Collective (TLC) has launched with aims to shake up Australia’s home bedding market by helping young men take control of their bedrooms. 

As any mother or life partner knows, men are notoriously averse to the seemingly simple task of making their bed each morning. The truth is, in the minds of millions of young Australian men, the daily task of untangling, straightening and applying a fitted sheet seems about as simple and hassle-free as piloting a rocket ship. 

The Lad Collective addresses this long-standing problem by producing easy-to-use fitted sheets which boast: 

  • Marked corner straps to provide a visual reference point as to which corner goes where. 
  • A logo directly in the centre of the sheet to allow for easy positioning. 
  • A strap on each corner of the sheet which makes the everyday task of pulling the sheet corners underneath the mattress quick and smooth. 
  • A colour palette designed to reduce visibility of any unavoidable stains. 

The sheets are 60 percent bamboo and 40 percent cotton, resulting in high-quality bedding which is breathable, comfortable and durable. The bamboo also helps to regulate temperature and reduce the sweat stains and unpleasant odours which are often synonymous with young men’s linen. 

At the helm of The Lad Collective are brothers and co-founders Bill and Ed Ovenden, who recognised a gap in the home bedding market and took the plunge into bootstrapping their vision. Taking the brand to market during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis speaks to the belief that the brothers have in their product as well as their knowledge of their target market, and the founders have both quit their full-time jobs to focus their efforts into growing The Lad Collective. 

“We’ve all seen the horror scene that a young single man’s bed can become, and we’ve all bought bed sheets that are grossly overpriced or poor quality,” says Bill Ovenden. “Our aim was to create sheets which meant that blokes could get a restful night of sleep and be able to make their bed with ease and efficiency in the morning. We also know from experience that the state of a bloke’s bed can be the make-or-break factor in forming a potential relationship, so our vision for TLC is helping men create bedrooms which they’re proud to show off to potential partners.” 

“We surveyed a wide variety of men before settling on the final product and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive,” says Ed Ovenden, “it was clear that young blokes weren’t happy with the state of their bed sheets and wanted an easy solution.” 

“We’ve jumped in head-first and embraced the process of launching a business in the challenging environment presented by COVID, and we think that the product is more relevant than ever as more people are spending more time at home and in bed,” says Bill. “The decision to bootstrap the business has let us come out of the gate running by putting the needs of our customers first and tailoring our products accordingly.” 

Bed sheets have traditionally been marketed towards women, with industry leaders accordingly focusing their marketing efforts on offering varied colour pallets and synchronicity with interior design schemes. TLC breaks that trend by marketing directly to men: offering a simple one-stop shop for bedding solutions and a brand identity with a cheeky sense of humour and uniquely Australian feel that will resonate with young men. 

“Our direct-to-consumer e-commerce model creates a straightforward experience for blokes wanting to skip out on a trip to the shopping centre and instead order a set of our sheets online which will keep their beds looking spick and span” says Ed. 

Following an enthusiastically-received launch, pre-orders are almost sold out on The Lad Collective website for bedding sets which include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. Orders will be shipped in time for Christmas, making the set an ideal gift for men looking to sharpen up their bedrooms as well as parents and partners seeking a functional and stylish Christmas present to give to a special man in their life. 

The Lad Collective founders view the home bedding market as ripe for disruption, and following the successful pre-sale launch are looking to take the business to the next level by seeking strategic investment. At the forefront of their long-term vision is developing a subscription model which will consistently deliver high-quality products to men’s bedrooms all over Australia. 

“Starting with bed-sheets was a no-brainer for us,” says Bill, “but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the products we want to bring to Aussie men. We want to change the way blokes view their beds and create a movement which helps young blokes create the bedroom environment that themselves, their families and partners deserve.” 

You can find out more about The Lad Collective and view their product range at