The Return of Maximalism: It’s Time to Lift Up Your Home Style

May 8, 2019

While the minimalist design has always been popular, if you’re not that much into it, you’ll be happy to know that maximalism is returning in all its glory. This style is easy to recognize – it is a colourful, patterned, layered, and mixed style that draws attention no matter which room we’re talking about. However, what is also easy to do is cross the line from fantastic and stylish to kitsch and overwhelming. Although there are no specific rules, there are still certain things you should keep in mind in order to execute this style successfully. Therefore, if your home could use an upgrade, here’s how you can apply maximalism to it.

Tell a story

First of all, if you want your home to be maximalistic just for the sake of trends, you’re doing it wrong. Maximalism is supposed to represent something that is unique to you, or something that you want to emphasise. So, before you start decorating, come up with an idea – what would be the story behind the room’s appearance? Do you want to express a clash of different eras, something out of a movie, or your own chaotic mind at a certain period in your life? No matter what it is, you should have a somewhat clear vision before you start decorating.

Keep it connected

As mentioned, maximalism often implies mixing different styles, and not doing it correctly could lead to your space becoming cluttered. So, while decorating, look for ways to connect all the different pieces. For example, you can emphasise a certain colour in one room and focus on lines and shapes in another. In short, no matter how many different things you mix, there should always be something they have in common in order for your home to look cohesive.

Be artistic

Most of us know how to appreciate a quality piece of art, but what works for one style might not work for the other. When it comes to maximalism, you should opt for pictures that have plenty of colors, lots of patterns, and various abstract designs. Such artwork would work great as a focal point in your bedroom, for example. Or, it could make a seemingly boring space, like your hallway, much more interesting. No matter where you put it, abstract and complex artwork would definitely complete this design.

Add textiles and texture

When talking about maximalism, textiles and textures are your friends. What’s great about this style is that you can make anything work if you combine it well. So, for instance, you can have a sofa with a neutral design matched with a dynamic throw or pillow. Or, you can have an elegant coffee table under one of the gorgeous antique Turkish rugs that can be found in many different colours and designs.

Don’t hide anything

Minimalism is famous for requiring everything to be hidden and stored away, so there’s nothing distracting you. This is done in order to create a more soothing environment. With maximalism, on the other hand, it’s completely the opposite. Everything should be in the open for easier access – or simply for showcasing. Of course, this doesn’t mean there should be a mess – some things still look better when organised, like books or your kids’ toys.

Mix different periods

When it comes to mixing things, one thing you should definitely mix is furniture pieces that belong to different time periods. In fact, some critics believe that the worst thing you could do when decorating in this style is sticking to a single time period. So, look for pieces that belong to different styles, and don’t be afraid of mixing the old with the new. It would give your home character, and it would help you create a truly interesting environment.

If you’ve never been into the minimalistic design, or if you’re simply looking for something that would take the appearance of your home to the next level, maximalism might be just the thing for you. It allows you to express your creativity in a way no other style can, and there really aren’t many mistakes you can make, as long as you keep things connected. So, think about the listed tips, apply those that you like the most, and your home is bound to be more stylish and unique than ever before.

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