Tips For Designing An Eye-Catching Fireplace

January 10, 2018

Even pedestrian fireplaces are eye-catching. There is just something atavistic about them. But there’s no excuse to have a ho-hum fireplace when it can be truly memorable and eye-catching. Here are some tips for designing a fireplace that really stands out:

Decorate the Wall Above It

A blank wall above a fireplace is a waste of space. Place a large mirror, painting or even a large clock face above the mantel, then decorate the mantel with complementary works of art or tall candlesticks. Another tip is a mirror made of smaller, beveled mirrors as wide as the mantle but reaching up to the ceiling. The fireplace and mirror would be flanked by identical cushy armchairs and same-sized paintings on the wall.

Decorate the Mantel

Place different items of bric-a-brac and curios on the mantel. Make sure that they are of different heights, shapes and textures to add interest. For example, one item can be an artificial topiary plant, another a mirror with a golden frame, another a small framed painting next to a stack of little books.

On the other hand, a mantle with two halves that are more or less identical is also pleasing. Place a large picture, photo or mirror in the center and flank it with creamware jugs, jugs full of the same dried flowers, candlesticks and plates from the same set on the wall beside the mirror.

Find an Old Fashioned Mantel

Modern mantels are fine but one from the Victorian era, with beautiful carving, may even be better. This is especially true if the room is a bit traditional. It is also nice to add accessories like a fire screen, andirons and fireplace tools from the era. Wall sconces made of crystal and frosted glass complete the look.

Use Alternative Materials

The hearth of the fireplace does not need to be made of brick. Slate or another material that can stand the heat is a beautiful alternative to traditional brick. Some fireplace hearths are made of porcelain, stoneware or another vitrified ceramic while other fireplaces have a surround and hearth made entirely of glittering mosaic tile.

Paint the Bricks

The bricks of the hearth and the surround can be painted. This can be a solution for bricks that have seen better days. They can even be painted after a job of fireplace repair by a company such as PointBrik.

Consider a Ribbon Fireplace

Ribbon fireplaces are just the thing if the wall of a room is exceptionally wide. These fireplaces burn by way of a long gas pipe that’s half-way buried in bits of glass, rock or sand.

Install a Stately Mantelpiece and Put a Flat Screen Television Above It

A stately mantelpiece with pilasters and cornices contrasts nicely with a thoroughly modern flat screened TV mounted on the wall above it.

Use Marble

Instead of a brick build-out, install one of beautiful pale marble whose veins and clouds can be copied on the fireplace’s legs and header. Since this is a small part of the wall, real marble should not be overly expensive.

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