Zero Waste Fundraiser Offers Planet Friendly Profits

February 3, 2020

Australia’s leading eco store, Biome, is helping charities, schools and community groups raise funds with minimal impact on the planet with its new zero waste fundraiser program.

Founder of Biome, Tracey Bailey, said Biome’s planet friendly fundraisers are not only easy to run, but offer a waste free, vegan and sustainable fundraising alternative.

“Organisations can choose from either an online or carry box fundraiser to raise funds for their cause while teaching others about caring for the environment,” she said.

Biome’s online fundraiser is a simple and stress-free way to fundraise with no waste, money counting or order handling.

Organisations simply register for a unique fundraising code and encourage people to support their cause by entering the unique code when they shop online at Biome. 5 percent of every order using the unique code is then donated to the cause.

“Our online fundraiser suits organisations that want make their fundraiser accessible to their wider network,” said Ms Bailey.

“This option can also be used for schools who want to run themed fundraising campaigns such as back to school or waste free lunches.”

Biome’s carry box fundraiser is similar to traditional chocolate box fundraisers but without the waste of single use wrappers.

Organisations order carry boxes of Biome zero waste products to sell to family and friends and put the profits towards their nominated project or cause.

Products available to sell include stainless steel straws, wooden sporks, bamboo toothbrushes, organic cotton produce bags and stainless-steel water bottles.

“These products help to make small sustainable changes by providing a reusable alternative to single use plastic items,” said Ms Bailey.

Prices for carry boxes start from $30 per carry box of 20 products with profits ranging from $30 to $48 per carry box.

Any registered organisation, school, charity or community group can run a Biome Zero Waste Fundraiser with funds benefiting a charity or community project.

For more information about Biome Zero Waste Fundraisers visit

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