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July 15, 2019

Seven climate change protesters have been arrested in Brisbane after blockades on Monday morning but the activist group still plans to disrupt traffic again within days.
Image: Brisbane Times


A 16-year-old girl is in a stable but “extremely critical condition” after being pinned under a bus for more than 90 minutes in Parramatta last night. 

A Sydney public transport bus mounted a footpath about 9:45pm and hit three teenage girls who were waiting at the bus stop, outside Parramatta train station. 

One of the girls was pinned underneath the front of the bus. 

Paramedics, police and firefighters worked frantically for one and a half hours to free her.

The bus was caught beneath an awning, which meant it was difficult for firefighters to elevate the bus and free the teenager. 

“On our arrival there was a female in her early teens that was trapped under the bus for a significant period of time,” NSW Ambulance Acting Inspector Joe Ibrahim said. 

“She was crushed by the bus and she remains in an extremely critical condition and has been transported to Westmead Hospital with pelvic injuries.“

“The rescue was extremely difficult…with the assistance of NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW Police Force we managed to get the bus off the female patient and had our medical terms put her to sleep.”

The other two teenage girls, also 16, sustained minor injuries and were “thankfully, all quite stable.”

The bus was believed to have had about 20 passengers on board at the time of the collision. A 49-year-old female passenger was treated in hospital for an eye injury. 

NSW Police have said that the 62-year-old male bus driver was taken to the hospital for shock and mandatory blood tests as investigations continued. 


Queenslanders have experienced the coldest morning of the year across parts of the state, with the temperature dropping as low as -4.8 degrees at Dalby just before 6:30am. 

At Amberly and Kingaroy the temperature was -3.2 degrees and at Biloela it was -2. 

Kimba Wonga at the Bureau of Meterology said while no records were broken, much of the south-east coast enduring the coldest morning of 2019. 

“Pretty cold dry air mass that’s making it’s way through the state following a pretty strong cold front that past through southern states over the last couple of days,” Ms Wong said. 

Both the Sunshine and Gold Coasts had temperatures drop low on Monday morning; the Sunshine Coast Airport recorded 2.6 degrees and Coolangatta recorded 0.9 degrees. 

Ms Wong warned the cool mornings were expected to continue throughout the week. 

“Certainly for the next few days into the end of the week…with pretty wide areas of frost possible as well so a little bit of moisture starting to return to coastal parts,” she said. 

No snow is expected, however residents can expect to wake to frost. 

“It’s looking like a really dry air mass that’s going to be sitting over Queensland for the rest of the week, so we’re not really expecting any precipitation or snow fall at all,” she said. 


Anti-Adani protests have swarmed Brisbane’s CBD in an effort to hold the city to ransom over the Adani mine and government inaction climate change. 

At least six protesters have been arrested this morning, police have confirmed. 

The group from Extinction Rebellion blocked the intersection of George and Margaret streets just before 8am with arrests made for contravening police directions. 

Protester Clancy said she understood why people were frustrated but said climate action took precedent. 

“I’m definitely sympathetic with the drivers who are stuck in traffic this morning,” she told Nine News.

“I do however find it really concerning that most people can continue their day-to-day lives when faced with such an existential crisis as the climate crisis.”

In recent weeks there have been several protests against the Carmichael mine since the project was cleared. 

Extinction Rebellion is planning another protest on Wednesday. 

“There are thousands of people all over Australia who are willing to stand up and actually get in the way of construction.” said Clancy. 

A Facebook event page for the rally said protesters are attempting to hold Brisbane CBD to ransom through swarming tactics. 

“We will mobilise in a smaller agile efficient groups to disrupt multiple peak hour traffic junctions simultaneously with swarming tactics,” the post said. 

“Dress like the whole country is watching, media will be there and Australia will see it’s so called ‘coal capital’ held to ransom by its citizens demanding climate action.” 

The protesters regrouped at Queens Gardens and were planning to block more areas despite the arrests. 

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