Soulara Helps To Spread The Message of Plant-Power This Veganuary

January 5, 2022

Encouraging consumers to plunge into plant-based living for one mindful month only, meal delivery service Soulara is supporting your Veganuary 2022 journey with the help of eco-warrior and animal activist, Ash Paraskevas. A refreshing way to start the new year (loading up on greens after a holiday of indulgence); let Ash be the motivation you need to nourish your body with natural wholefoods for the entire month. If you’ve been toying with the idea of trialing a vegan diet, then now is
the time to do so.

Focusing on more than just food, Veganuary represents a global initiative that heroes a more mindful way of life, taking a little pressure off the planet too. By hypothetically swapping beef for beans, your decision to go plant-based will contribute to lessening the environmental footprint of our fast-moving agricultural industry; saving water, reducing CO2 emissions, and protecting valuable farmland. If you aren’t quite accustomed to going meat-free, or concerned about how you’ll last the month without eggs and dairy, Soulara’s here to help ease those carnivorous cravings with the power of plant protein.

Taking to social media to document her personal food challenge and empower others on their plant- based journey, new or experienced, Ash will be incorporating a variety of Soulara meals into her existing routine that already centers on nurturing her body, mind, and surrounding environment. Sharing lifestyle tips, tricks, and affirmations to keep you motivated throughout, Ash’s authentic online presence has rewarded her a community of over 58,000 like-minded individuals who speak candidly about life’s challenges, mentally, physically, emotionally, with Veganuary being the next big topic of discussion.

“Being vegan for almost eight years now (with a vegetarian interlude in 2019), I am a huge advocate for treating animals just as we do humans. If we can live healthy and happy lives without hurting others, why wouldn’t we? Veganuary is a great challenge to encourage more people to trial a vegan lifestyle; to see just how easy, yummy, and awesome this change can be. Partnering with Soulara felt like a no brainer – delicious, balanced, and mindful meals that make my Veganuary so much more convenient. Let me and Soulara be the inspo you need to live a little lighter in 2022”, says Ash Paraskevas.

A simple lifestyle switch with so many positive repercussions. If you’ve ever been curious as to whether you can sustain a diet fuelled entirely by plant protein, now is the time. Let Veganuary be your first foodie challenge for 2022; setting you up with new habits for a healthy, happy, eco-friendly year.

And so the saying goes, new year, new you. Find your power in plant-based eating, with the help of Soulara and Ash Paraskevas, and kickstart your wellness journey for 2022. Head to to learn more, browse their meal options, and place your order today.


Soulara is a plant-based, ready-made meal delivery company. Our in-house chefs take inspiration from all over the globe to bring you new and exciting meals every week, while our in-house dieticians ensure each meal is nutritionally balanced. This allows you to get plenty of the nutrients you need to thrive while on a plant-based diet, even protein.

As well as being 100% plant-based, Soulara cooks all our meals fresh and uses atmosphere-modified packaging to keep the meals as nutritious and delicious as the day we cooked them. Due to this, you get to enjoy restaurant-quality meals for less from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re looking to explore the world of plant-based living and don’t know where to start or simply looking to eat healthier and enjoy more veggies, Soulara is an easy, affordable, and delicious option.


Ash Paraskevas with her Soulara Package

Ahead of the curve and having quickly gained a loyal following on both TikTok and Instagram, Ash Paraskevas is on a mission to ensure her followers be fiercely themselves.

Ash’s passion for animals, the earth and the well being of others is prevalent across her channels and is a dedicated advocate for all sentient beings,

From her fun and no-fuss beauty tutorials, to posts about her own journey to true self-acceptance, Ash is the perfect role model for a new generation.