Stay Active These September Holidays!

September 19, 2017

We all count down the days until holidays but once we get there it can be hard to entertain. It is beneficial for our kids that we plan active and healthy activities that will keep them busy.

I always have sport at the forefront of my holiday plans because my family enjoy being active it’s a great way to get everyone moving.I try to pick at least one hour of fun sports a day.

Creating activities that are fun and bring us closer together are great for making memories and reaping all the benefits of exercising outdoors.

I also ensure my family eat well on holidays; no fizzy drinks, plenty of water, vegetables and fruit. Try to avoid processed foods and refined sugars (which proves difficult when my husband sneaks in copious amounts of candy).

So this September holiday we’re packing surfboards, trekking shoes, rugby balls and fun online workouts. Don’t forget the sun screen!