No Time To Cook?

June 27, 2017

I remember years ago watching my mum spend hours in the kitchen cooking delicious dinners and you might be the same, but it was a different age then and most of our mums had the time to do it. Unfortunately life now is busier and time is precious so spending time in the kitchen is a luxury that not many people have! It also proves to be difficult at times to coordinate the ingredients and skills necessary to master great recipes…

We all agree that we want to eat healthy, so why not go back to basics and do simple, easy and cheap meals? Because eating well does not need to cost you your time or an arm and leg! 

For a quick lunch to have at home or bring into to the office just try and omelette with a bit of grated cheese, smoked salmon and salad. This nutritious lunch will give you proteins, good fats, vitamins and takes 5 minutes to prepare.

– beat 2 eggs, salt and pepper

– hand full of shredded cheese (if necessary)

– 2 slices of smoked salmon

– small salad

– dress with a little bit of caramelised balsamic vinegar

See! No excuses not to eat healthy!


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