Stop Sugar Cravings

June 13, 2017

Who doesn’t get sugar cravings after exercising, when we are hungry, when hormonal? etc…

This can easily get out of control and lead to a terrible addiction to this “monster” we call sugar! 

Well… the bad news is that most of us will endure these cravings BUT the good news is they can be controlled.

If your diet includes fizzy, energetic drinks, processed food, refined sugar products etc.. it’s more than likely you have a hard time controlling sugar cravings. It is easy to become dependent on sugar for energy and without it we can feel tired, hungry, frustrated and the list goes on. To stop this dependency and attack the monster I have listed a few simple tips & tricks below.

1) Eat small healthy meals often to ensure that your sugar levels will remain stable

2) Eating protein with main meals will help to keep sugar levels more balanced

3) Choose wholesome complex carbohydrates rich in fibre as this will slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream

4) Drink 2L of water daily to keep hydrated

5) Satisfy your sweet tooth naturally, (I always keep dry figs in the house. I also make cacao balls which are perfect for the chocolate fix!)

6) Avoid fizzy/energy drinks and high sugar foods – before you become dependent! 

And as I say to my son, “let’s fight that monster and keep him away from our belly!”.


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