Katie and Pamela Greet discuss the Fiftythings2016 project

September 17, 2016

Listen to Pamela and Katie chatting about sustainability and how to cull your wardrobe to essentials and minimise your life. Read Pamela’s original article – here.

 THE FIFTY THINGS IN MY WARDROBE by Pamela Greet  My daughter enjoyed living from a backpack; she said she would shrink her wardrobe to two outfits when she got home. I was inspired [...]

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Pamela Greet
I am a full-time student, completing a Doctorate in Creative Writing. I do a bit of tutoring, write and present about Optimal Ageing, contribute strategy and communications input to several not-for-profits.

I enjoy and go to concerts and the theatre, as well as exercising every day. In 2016, I launched Fiftythings2016 – a commitment I made to myself to live this year within a wardrobe of fifty items of clothing.