A Good Authentic Italian Restaurant In Melbourne

August 8, 2019

A reminder about priorities and to embrace what we have

In less than a month I have attended three funerals, some gone far too earlier than anyone would have hoped for. I think everyone would agree, apart from the sadness and emptiness of losing people too soon, you cannot help but reflect on your own mortality, the need to make the most of what we have. The age old saying, life is short is a reality, particularly when you get to my age. 

Realistically our lives are full and at times busy to the extent (sorry about the cliché) ‘we forget to smell the roses’. But if you remind yourself it is possible to make the most of things, even in a small way, you can find happiness. It doesn’t have to be big, it is about making the most of what you have and appreciating each moment. 

I try to set this example with friends and family. As I age my priorities are loyal people around me which is one of the reasons I am known to jump on a plane to visit family. And, when the pull of family strings slackens off (which is rare I have to say), catch up with special people and dine out at local eateries. 

Feel like a good authentic Italian dish in Melbourne?

My most recent trip was to Melbourne and apart from being involved in my youngest grandson’s thirteenth birthday as well as his father’s birthday two days later, I managed to have another resplendent day out with my cousins. Each time I visit they offer something different whether it be an art centre, a piggery, a place in the hills, a local nursery or simply somewhere around town. We always indulge ourselves savouring Victoria’s different restaurants, finding good places for coffee. No-one could argue, there are plenty of choices.  


This time I was introduced to the Italian restaurant, Ricardo’s Trattoria, 99 Dundas Place, Albert Park, which is basically around the South Melbourne area. By car it takes around 14 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD or approximately 20 minutes by tram. There are number of trams that leave from different city locations. Or if you are keen, include a visit to the South Melbourne Markets. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the South Melbourne markets to Ricardo’s, perfect to get your steps up, alternatively 4 minutes by car. Parking wasn’t an issue, it was a matter of finding a spot in the local side streets. 

As soon as I walked through the restaurants front door I immediately felt its homely ambience. It quickly became obvious that for regular customers, it could be home. The whole place had a family buzz about it. One would think some were family by the warm interaction between the local patrons and the owner. Everyone seemed to know each other by their first name as was the case when we finally left. It was wonderful to indulge in a good Italian meal as for me, this is what Melbourne is about. 

Oh did I mention the owner is an AFL tragic Collingwood supporter? Now, don’t let that turn you off a great place, we all have our weaknesses. I wonder, is that why we got on so well?

Restaurant information

Ricardo’s menu can be viewed online www.ricardos.com.au (03) 9699 5536. 

They are vegan and gluten free friendly, nothing too difficult for them. Great food and value for money for those who seek quality food. Excellent professional and personal friendly service. 

During the summer days the windows are opened up for outdoor dining. It was a wintery visit for us, we loved feeling nice and cosy inside.